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Well put. This is why I read TOP: thoughtful writing about the subject for which we have a passion. I've been trying to nail down my style for years, yet it won't remain still for very long. Maybe that's something to do with this 'photography'.
The iWatch looks mildly interesting to me. Displaying a preview image from an iPhone camera could be useful. As is indicating the time of day. But what about us left-handers, who wear a watch on our right wrist? (And even there, my watches suffer impacts with solid items.) The wheel & button controls are on the wrong side. Can the iWatch display be rotated 180 degrees? That's the crucial question for me.
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Photography is about passion. Thus: "cameras enabling passion". Ivan Illich's book "Tools for Conviviality" expresses many valuable ideas. My tools are ideally sharp & specific, a pleasure to use. So I have "friendly cameras". Focusing to much on one aspect, can miss the point. The important thing is the holistic view.
On a shoulder strap running across my body, the Leica S2 (with one lens) seems no more trouble to bring along, ready for photography, than any other camera. A rather large pocket is required for the superlative lenses. Further to R.A. Krajnyak's comment, the RX1[R], with leaf shutter lens & 135-sized sensor, has me very intrigued. If Sony had not used lossy compression on the RAW files, I would likely have a RX1[R]. See "Image Quality" here: and the linked page here:
Maybe it's a self-deprecating thing where 'medium format' is not 'full' of itself. Just middling. Not 'large' nor 'tiny'.
While I've at least a few sample photos made in a variety of genres, nudes are conspicuous by their absence. The public face of a person strikes me as more interesting. To take another's photos & maliciously post them strikes me as just theft. In all sorts of ways.
Mmm. Orange. Good choice. My camera gear has orange cases, that tone with two orange suitcases for travel. I'm pleased someone else thought about keeping an eye on where the camera (or other) gear is going. I like the walk-around S2 & 70mm lens.
Excellent news. Now we know that the world-leading TOP development team has made use of the worm-hole between two very specific spots in Waukesha & Brighton. That explains the ruse of the apparent single desk in the TOP(W) HQ.
I hope the computer behaves itself: left behind at the old place. Last time I moved house, well, really the contents, was just before Christmas. There were no removal firms available. Woops. I ended up calling in all sorts of favours, & had a procession of friends helping my move.
Mike, Just: congratulations. Thanks for so generously sharing your joy & peace with all of us: your "TOP family". One of your well-wishing "siblings".
It's probably just as well I'm in the Antipodes. Otherwise I'd be very tempted to pop around for a cuppa and a chat. Frequently. And that would be likely detrimental for TOP. I'm so pleased things have started to work out. Please just be a bit more careful than I was: I plonked my A3+ inkjet at the end of my desk, with the result it's stuck on the french polishing.
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In "The Hills" 40km east of Melbourne, in the Antipodes, we specialise in "four seasons in one day" weather. That's why our Bureau of Meteorology is based here. I consider Autumn to have generally the best weather: reasonably settled, relatively mild with a variety of conditions. And there are the colours of autumn leaves on the deciduous trees. Just wonderful. In Spring, our native plants generally produce their flowers. This is where a macro lens comes into it's own: many of these flowers are quite small and delicate. A treat for those who make the time to look closely. I was about to list the minority categories to which I belong, but I think I shan't: "Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member". (With thanks to Groucho Marx. )
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Well! Exciting news. And while the builders are in, you'll be out, testing cameras & lenses, making more photos for us to admire. Sounds like we all have benefitted here.
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A friend recently bought a FujiFilm X-Pro1. Nice feel to the camera. But after doing the manual focus thing with a Fuji lens, it was disconcerting (to say the least) following a swap to a Zeiss lens, to find there was no auto-focus. The Zeiss (for Fuji) lens does not have the MF/AF switch. That required re-mounting the Fuji lens.
Pentax *istD & the 31/1.8 lens. The *istD is, in some respects, dated now. Working around the annoyances intriguingly improved my photography, & made it a passion.
Fascinating. I just love how things dovetail together on TOP. Last night I finished reading the 1903 short story by Jack London, "To Build a Fire", included in last Sunday's "Open Mike: More Books from the Great List". This morning (the wonders of time zones) I see Ctein's wonderful photo of Vivian and the aurora borealis by moonlight. Here down under, where we have more bushfires than snow, I now have an appreciation of what it means to have naked skin at -35° Celsius. (In Jack London's story, it's -75° Fahrenheit, -60° Celsius. Either way, pretty chilly.) Farewell regular columnist, you'll be missed. Welcome new technical editor.
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Those of us in the antipodes are drawing to the end of Summer, though the forecast for this coming long weekend (Labour Day, not to be confused with "eight-hour" day) still has some reasonably warm thirty-degree days (centigrade). Just thought those of you in the North would like to know.
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Happy Birthday Mike. And many more. You'll no doubt be pleased to know here in the SE corner of Oz, we're having some decent-sized fires.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2014 on Off-Topic Week at TOP at The Online Photographer
Mike, As far as this devoted reader, and sometimes commenter, of TOP, I wish you a speedy and complete recovery to good health. I am enjoying the "oldies bu goodies", a couple of which had escaped my notice. (Or maybe I had managed to forget them!) It's a bit like Ctein's links to earlier columns: in the light of further information, the earlier content can often impart knowledge that wasn't there before. Fascinating. Andrea.
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2014 on Mike Update at The Online Photographer
Yes. There have been quite a number of cameras through my 'gadget bag' over the 'digital years'. Most now passed on to younger people of my aquaintance, who are enjoying using them. The cameras with which I've really felt at-one: Olympus XA, Canon Ixus (the original with 2.1Mpx, and CMY sensor colours), Sony W1, and Pentax *istD. The first three are all eminently pocketable, while the relatively compact dimensions of the *istD with prime lens enables it to fit into my handbag. (And caused most of the other contents to be jettisoned.) There have, of course, been other capable cameras, but it's those four that have stood the test of time.
Mike & Xander & Lulu, A very Happy Christmas to you. And a very Happy Christmas to all readers of TOP. Here in Oz, the Land of the Long Weekend, some mean-spirited types try to tell us we shouldn't celebrate Christmas. Instead, let's celebrate all the festivals of which we're aware. Let's be inclusive. The positive spirit represented on these occasions can be appreciated by all. Andrea.
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Dear Mike, TOP is my favourite site on the internet. The world-wide contributors and commenters, ably guided by you, provide much food for thought. I feel like popping around to "Volusion" and giving them a strong 'talking to'. They are the last company I'd ever use for anything, based on the way they have abused every single one of the top staff at TOP. Thank goodness my initial attempt to pay by credit card failed, causing me to pay pal from the antipodes. A blessing in disguise. Andrea. P.S. The programming group to which I belong, , uses a 'payments gateway' firm that is reliable, but may necessitate conducting affairs in Australian dollars! A.
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Yes. I'd accept in a flash. I've started to document "The Hills" where I live, using my weather-sealed digital MF gear. But it's actually a bit heavy to carry all day and night with more than one prime lens: so the 'normal' lens is the one for me. (I really don't like zoom lenses: the discipline of 'zooming with my feet' feels more natural.) [If permitted, adapters to enable use of my Novoflex tilt/shift bellows with the single body and lens.] What I _will_ do in this generous year, is a series on "the new face of photography": - attending as a participant in as many of Peter Turnley's workshops (Cuba, Paris, Sicily, Lisbon, New York, Venice, and Mumbai) [1] as are scheduled during the year, but just one per city. - I will use a Pentax K-3 (don't own) just because of the excellent ergonomics, with the FA 31/1.8 Ltd lens (do own) [46mm-e]. I would also make the opportunity, coming from 'down under' to stay at a modestly comfortable hotel for a week before and after each workshop, making photographs in and around those locations. [1]
By way of background, I've been a "computer person" for most of my working life. (Programmer, analyst, computer shop backroom bod, et cetera.) A couple of years ago I bought a mac mini (mid-2010 [1]) for a project, upgrading the RAM to 8GB, 2.4GHz core 2 duo, 320GB HDD (60% free). It happily crunches away on my medium format photos, likely due to the 'elbow room' afforded by the RAM. When I sold my windows notebook, I looked around and decided to go with the then just-released 15" retina mac book pro (mid-2012), 2.3GHz i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD (60% free). (There was no word then of the 13" retina mbp.) Although it's effectively a 'closed box' [2], if it lasts out the 3-year 'apple care', it'll probably keep going for quite some time. However, the core of my system is really a Network Attached Storage (NAS) box, with oodles of hard disk space (5x 2TB HDD configured as RAID-6, giving 6TB of storage, with two redundant drives). That means I can skimp on the computer storage, get a good-enough processor, and plenty of memory. Only current projects stay on the computer's storage, and are regularly saved onto the NAS box. Time machine backups are done to the NAS box. It's the NAS box that is then backed up. What computer to choose among the air and mbp? For me, the retina screen is the real point of differentiation, and would lead me to pick the mbp. Though today's choice is between the 15" and 13" models. The 15" is decidedly faster, bigger and heavier, but the 13" is probably sufficiently fast. So I'd probably choose the 13" over the 15" mbp. And either way, at least 8GB of RAM. [1] [2]
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Thanks Mike. A moving post. I liked your portrait of Ned from six years ago, and I like it today, too. I imagine Grimmy will be happy with your photos. It's beaut to be able to share some good photos of friends, with other friends. Especially when the former has 'passed on'. I do wonder whether the two cameras, or maybe really the expression of active seeing, when 'on assignment', that identifies someone as 'the photographer'.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2013 on Ned Draws a Crowd at The Online Photographer