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Geneva, IL
In family life, be completely present. ~ Lao Tzu
Interests: gardening, dogs, secrets, fishing, c.s. lewis, ephemera, hugs, dreaming, csi, paper, dirt, swings, rain storms, country living, frogs, reading, birds, camping, genealogy, sledding, libraries, picnics, long walks, laughter, archaeology, exploring, flip flops, beads, butterflies, snow angels, old homes, thrift, little treasures, sitting on the porch, farms, flea-markets, seasons, singing in the shower, self sufficiency, surprises, herb gardens, anything green, swimming holes, going barefoot, tall tales, holding hands with my husband, family stories, natural fibers, fire pits, old trees, rock gardens, handmade products, tried and true recipes, heirloom/organic seeds, child logic, night skies, new & vintage ribbon, warm kolackies, grit, funky socks, outdoor bits & bobs, making the bed, being handy, new & vintage fabric, rocking my sons, cottage living, pen-pals, lake shores, beetles, ala mode, shirley valentine, moments to celebrate, notes in used books, mother earth news, sun on my face, dirt roads, rock walls
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I decided it isn't worth paying for a blog site that doesn't have much to offer me, so I'm moving back to - please make sure you update your bookmarks and readers. This will be my last post here on - I'll be working on Dawn Christ {Seeking Sense} for a bit until I get used to wordpress again. Please excuse any wackiness in the interim. On top of moving my blog I've been keeping busy with various projects including these Fabric Flower Pins for Blessings in a Basket. Ashley has been so patient with me. I was... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2011 at Seeking Sense
Fabulous... seems timely too since I recently started exploring my art roots again. Thank you for the opportunity :)
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{What my workspace looks like lately} I like to have projects that go fairly quickly and still turn out rather nicely. I was brainstorming ideas on how to let people know what I do if I see them in person. I thought it would be a good idea to start carrying around Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) to use in lieu of business cards when I'm asked about the mixed media. It's not that I'm tired of explaining it to people - visuals are way better and more interesting! This way they have a little simple piece of what I do,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2011 at Seeking Sense
One of the first and very strange symptoms of my particular entry into perimenopause was hives or Urticaria, specifically two types: Chronic Idiopathic (CIU) and Dermatographic (sometimes called Skin Writing or Artificial.) {Dermatographic or Skin Writing or Artificial Urticaria} It has been a joy, not. The worst part for me is when the CIU flares up at night when I'm trying to sleep. It is maddening. Try falling asleep with what feels like a million mosquito bites. Sometimes I'll cause the Dermatographic to flare up simply by brushing against something with a blunt edge or pressing my clothes into my... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2011 at Seeking Sense
I have not completely abandoned my blog. I've had a lot of illness, a lot of projects with due dates, and trips planned, canceled, replanned along with out of town guests coming for longer than I've ever had guests before... can we say a wee bit stressed? Along with Spring Break and a sensory seeking child on my hands that cannot get enough stimulation to keep him out of trouble, as well as the realization that we should actually be saying two as now the younger one is now showing a lot of sensory seeking and avoidance. The worst is... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2011 at Seeking Sense
{Background for a piece I'm still working on} The blog hop is over, but I would like to thank each and every one of you that came to visit and left me a lovely comment. I'm truly thankful for meeting so many unique and supportive women through Brave Girls Club and the Soul Restoration Workshop. I look forward to continue learning from you all and following your journeys through your fantastic blogs. Continue reading
Posted Mar 8, 2011 at Seeking Sense
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Mar 6, 2011
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Mar 5, 2011
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Mar 5, 2011
Welcome to the Soul Restoration Blog Hop. If you’re following the hop you came here from Rebecca’s Blog, Flyover Pilgrim. I’m very grateful for having you visit me and allowing me to share my experience taking The Soul Restoration Workshop with Melody Ross. {Truthteller Pages in my Soul Restoration Truthteller Book} Last year I turned forty years old in the month of December and I decided to buy my own birthday gift. You see, I had been feeling broken, lost, and on the edge of making some very rash and absurd decisions. I was looking for something, anything to throw... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2011 at Seeking Sense
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Mar 4, 2011
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Mar 4, 2011
My latest workshop, as I mentioned before here, is with Christy Tomlinson. I wanted to learn her personal process of creating backgrounds for her canvas pieces. A lot of this workshop is her recreating her process for us and having us go at it. You'll notice much of our work is similar to hers at this point. My intention once this workshop is over is to use the techniques I've learned from her and add my spin to it to create backgrounds for whatever work I decide to do. I love collage/assemblage artwork, so the mixed media will work really... Continue reading
Posted Mar 3, 2011 at Seeking Sense
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Mar 3, 2011
I'm taking another online workshop. This one is taught by the lovely and talented Christy Tomlinson at Do What Matters Most and is called the She Art Workshop. I'm having an absolute blast getting messy, learning new to me mixed media techniques, and basically getting to know my mediums better. The workshop started yesterday and I was able to get through all the instructional videos, print out the PDFs and play around with the canvas background whenever I had a spare moment. I did wait until everyone was in bed before I started working on all the details, so I... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2011 at Seeking Sense
A while back there was a campaign in the Sensory Processing Disorder community to implore Oprah Winfrey to feature SPD on her show. I understand that it was the idea of having such a well known celebrity champion and create more exposure for the disorder that was behind it, but at that time it left a pretty sour taste in my mouth. I was not one of the SPD parents that helped campaign for it. My intuition told me that this wasn't the right vehicle to spread awareness. Turns out my intuition about the whole thing may not have been... Continue reading
Posted Feb 21, 2011 at Seeking Sense
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Feb 15, 2011
I'm a wee bit sick this week and I have been literally sleeping it off where ever I can find a spot to put down my head. I hope this weekend will find me feeling better. I will update everyone then. Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2011 at Seeking Sense
There is not an update except to say that the only area that was completed was the master closet. I'm carrying this challenge into week three and adding the kitchen pantry. I will post updates with before and after shots as I did in the earlier posts. Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2011 at Seeking Sense
I decided I needed a rest from all the new things flowing into my life right now. There are so many good things happening right now. Even these good things can overwhelm me. My favorite escape used to be reading alone in my bedroom. I need to carve out that time again to read... not now though. Right now with two very active and energetic young boys I've decided to carve out time at night for my artwork and journaling instead. Until I find that balance I love to listen to music instead. New favorites: Rosi Golan - I Don't... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2011 at Seeking Sense
This is my second attempt at a background for my time line. The first background was a little too dark. I'm still getting the hang of acrylics - I wonder if I'd enjoy watercolor more? I like to work slowly and acrylics dry pretty fast... that or I need to work with an extender so I don't have to rush through painting. The time line is one of the projects for the Soul Restoration Workshop. It is very interesting to look at your life laid out on a piece of paper like that with forty years on the front (forty... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2011 at Seeking Sense
Okay, it's day four and I'm now finished with the Master Closet. Below are before and after shots. I have six bags and five boxes going to donation now. Before: After: (My side on the left) (Husband's side on the right) (Middle) There are open shelves, empty drawers and I have moved empty boxes to the top shelf where they will be out of the way but easily visible when we need to locate them. The one thing that I still need to do is go through that plastic tub you see above containing memorabilia. It's not something I want... Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2011 at Seeking Sense