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John Patella
The Garden State (That's New Jersey. Really.)
PR pro. Will write for food.
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I once served as VP of marketing and PR at a large academic medical center, and have done a lot of hospital PR since opening my own shop, and I really admire Paul Levy's commitment to maintaining his blog. I'd love to see some of my clients follow his lead, but I would never push them. They really have to want to do it themselves, or else it will be just one more thing for the overworked hospital PR departments to take over once they got too busy or lost interest.
The old Dale Carnegie quote: To sell Jane Doe what Jane Doe wants to buy, you got to see the world in Jane Doe’s eyes.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2009 on Making stuff up at Web Ink Now
Don't throw things at me, but I've never really been a Dead fan. However, I think it is so cool that this old band is still striving to connect with its fans and seeking new ways to do it. The value they place on that fan connection has always been the heart of the band's integrity and the secret of its long success. Good to know the Dead is still kicking, and the tribe is still out there, enjoying the trip!