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Sorry to see another eladrin fall by the wayside, but look on the bright side a pit of acid is better than a pit of undead baby zombies, my eladrin rogue was eaten by baby zombies, the lil basterds even ate my hair and teeth!!! I didn't split the party, but the party all fled in terror level 1 noobs!!! and i was dead and consumed two mere rounds later. As for star wars characters i played two bounty hunters! they both died in successive weeks, the first emulating bob fett when he fell into the the sarlacc pitt and his sidekick lounging in his ship when a charming assassin droid strolled on board with a box of thermal detonators, i bet the onlookers went "ooo pretty!" when my ship blew! Random thought: do you think if the podcast was made into a short film we could get Binwin to be played by Verne Troyer that would be hilarious!!
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