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I wonder if Gooch is going to lose the emo attitude. My wife is a therapist, I was about to FedEx him her card. He had all but the black eye-liner and nail polish.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2010 on USMNT practice observations at Soccer By Ives
I'm with you Joe...great forwards, the focus needs to be getting the midfield to gel.
(SBI-Stop beating this dead horse already. Read the previous comments and move along.)
Kudos to the Union for securing network TV coverage. @RapidsSoccer...any ideas?
So then it's official. Great trade for the Rapids. Will miss interviewing Burpo, but we needed midfield depth.
Disheartening to see Altidore on the pine. Would rather see him in a mid-level Euro league getting weekly time. I know he's young, but I feel he is essential to the #USMNT in 2010 and 2014
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2009 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
I am thrilled by the #Donovan loan to #Everton. He joins my favorite #USMNT player on my favorite #EPL team. I hope it is a good experience for Donovan and can help replenish the depleted #Toffees.
Even though Fake Salt Lake is our sworn enemy, I'm actually quite happy to see a Rocky Mountain club doing well in the playoffs. I just imagined it would be the Rapids...nonetheless I'd love to see teams like RSL and Sounders do well and increase the competition at the top. Teams like DC United and Columbus have solid bases, when other teams challenge it rallies the fan base and MLS benefits.
I remember being in the pressbox when I heard a loud collision and Peterson went down. A voice in the back of my head saying...that's it, our last winger went down. If those freakish injuries don't happen to all 3 wingers in a matter of weeks, right against the deadline...I daresay this SBI article is not written. That doesn't mean some of the issues addressed above wouldn't exist. I suggest 3 things 1. Change in advertising. Give out hoodies to urban youth in Denver & Aurora. Hire graffiti artists to put the logo and Rapids art on the sides of buildings (legally). 2. Appeal to true soccer fanatics. I'm usually surrounded by teams of 13 year old girls. I'm (truly) glad they are there, but what about the soccer fanatic friends I have here in Denver that won't come to Rapids games. We need that passionate, educated fan coming, and we can do that by letting them make some noise and wave some flags. 3. Give Gary Smith time. I think he's the right man for the job. I believe in El Capitan. Don't shoot the wounded Ives...MLS has an uphill battle here in the MLS...we are no more or less dysfunctional than all the MLS clubs except the few high-fliers. I love my club good or bad...but man that hurt the way things ended.