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Dawn C.
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Such gorgeous work by all... hoping I can make the next meeting soon - would be awesome to be among so many creatives! :)
Oh my goodness...hehehe, I have this image of pharmacies everywhere wondering why their inventory on bunion pads is suddenly low :) Love your ideas Briana - off to find some old flip flops to cut up!
I love the smell carried on the fresh breezes of Spring. Promises of growth and renewal in the sweet loamy smell.
Thank you, Rebecca. It's staying that way too, which is the best part! I wish I could help others organize/clean - I'm horrible at it and it's a major challenge for me daily! ;)
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2011 on OW@TC: Week Two - Day Four at Seeking Sense
Emily, I wish you were too! How is the workshop going that you are taking? Christy has this workshop coming back in April if you still want to take it. :)
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2011 on She Art Canvas and Comfort Zone at Seeking Sense
Thank you, it turned out a bit better than I anticipated for my first go. I'm working on my second canvas now and I'm finding I'm stuck... go figure. Hehehe.
Thanks Emily! I think if you enjoyed the creative process of SR you will definitely enjoy working on the mixed media in Christy's workshop :)
I believe they really do a good job of manifesting your goals. It really needs to be in a place where you see it regularly though :)
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on Vision Board 2011 at Seeking Sense
I'm still having problems, but I did get my order in for the items we talked about through email. I'm hoping that this works for me.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on Sick = MIA at Seeking Sense
Getting lost in the shuffle to be wife and mother has been a huge struggle for me. I've told those that can hear - they don't necessarily listen.
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Jan 7, 2011
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Jan 7, 2011
I first started following your blog through a link connecting you with NieNie and the doll you created to help raise funds for her and her husband after their plane accident. Since then I've been truly inspired by your art. The latest Dia De Los Muertos Mothers and Daughters... touched my heart. We have lost so many great women in our family and seeing those vignettes reminded me they are always with us... thank you.
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