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i agree DC Dolphin
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but where was bell???
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ok you are right DC Dolfan in hindsight stupid move by coaching staff then to put i trip over my own feet allen 1st round draft bust
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AMEN VermontFin
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i agree if anything that freakin jason allen has to go and so does sean smith and bell gave allen no help either on that wallace td
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bad play calls there at the end mad phins fan but i say we would have won if not for the bad call at the end our d was playing pretty solid
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i agree CF
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Henne looked pretty good today he is progressing
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o god pennington why???? big ben did do us in and yes i do blame the goddamn ref
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and NO Henne does not suck! he is a good young QB the o line played great but vernon carrey who is I believe the highest played player on the team has to go!
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we got robbed we stuck with a team we were suppose to lose too and we were kicking their butt we knocked out alot of their defensive players sacked and harrassed rapistberger and caused him to fumble three times...our secondary sucks except for vontae and sometimes clemons and sometimes bell. special teams played good in the 1st half and then stayed in the locker room during the second although carpenter played great. the steelers should change it to stealers! i hate em! and once again a miami team is screwed by a ref at the end of a game...all i can say is either the fumble in the endzone in my mind is either a touchback which it was for miami or a TD for pitt how the hell do u put it on the 1/2 yard line anyways?
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It is a win man! The Dolphins will beat the Vikes..this time I think they will beat 'em pretty good..27-17 with Marshall catching a TD
Bess had a great game, nice clutch catches. Bell played good too, nice hits,Odrick had a pass defensed and so did Starks. The defense of line with Langord and McDaniel played inspired football today too. Great pass rush and hounded Edwards all day. We just need to score more points and can't let those big pass plays that killed us last year happen again. It was a nail bitter but a great win. Go Phins!
Great ugly win Miami! A win is a win. I hope Henne and Marshall can get in synch soon. Good game for Marshall and our RB's Ronnie and Ricy. What a great Defensive effort! Great game by Dansby, Misi and Wake. Good plays by Odrick and Bess. I would like to see less wildcat please. Allen played good too. Moses made a nice tackle in the game on the RB(Spiller I think). GO DOLPHINS!!
Use to Like Cote and I know he loves the Dolphins but why is he always negative and he just never sounds like he is a fan I mean come on! This is a south florida newspaper nothing wrong with sounding like a homer these stupid newspapers in jacksonville have no problem with being bias. Even wit 6 superbowls the Pittsburgh Steelers dont have the same Prestiege as the '72 Fins how come all of those great pitt teams never went undefeated? also too the pitt team did play two of the weakest teams in SB history in the LA Lambs and Cardinals if people want to bring up weak schedule
Shadow Knows u were right and also Perfectville Population: 1= '72 Fins(Greatest ever)
Dont mean to rant here but I hate when Espn and others call us the "Fish" a dolphin isnt even a fish we are the dolphins or the fins! Go Fins beat Pittsburgh Steel
sorry i meant to say safeties also too I wasnt even born then i wasnt till '83 so i did get a few details wrong but my Lord the duo of Scott and Anderson were remarkable just watching all of the old tape like the one I have of Anderson's 3 or 4 ints against Pitt on monday night football in '73 why isnt he in the hall? I am sorry for the mistake fin nation since i was 5 i have been watching and listening to the fins i grew up in hollywood florida so i bleed everything south florida especially my doplphins and canes..just wish they would get the respect and covarge they deserve and i too think ceffalo is getting better give him one more year but if after that please bring on someone else maybe? I think Rick Weaver was the best and I love the mad dog he is great and tells it like it is and is hilarious! go Fins! and Canes! also it is Helm not Helms:)
great game at the end. I think Jacory is sometimes going to the wrong receiver ofcourse he is being pressured way to much. where is the o-line? Harris should have been intercepted a few times got lucky on some throws but he showed in the end why he is a heisman worthy QB. Defense played ok, Brandon Harris gets beat too much. Finally #4 Johnson is living up to the hype and Benjamin and Hankerson played good too. Hankerson dropped that one catch but is much improved. Benjamin continues to prove he is a playmaker. Berry is a gret RB..hopefully we can use him more. Whipple Ball is awsome when it works. Go 'Canes and go and beat Virgina at the Shark!
try 6- and 2 sir!