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Johnnie Wendt
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Sounds like a rubbish survey to me. From four years experience find that women with big breasts are normally guys ... and that the percentage of women who are sexually idealised is probably less than the percentage of males who are, either through height, physique, hair, age, facial appearance or clothing or all those things. Even though very few women have real life photo realistic appearances - there are some, and there are some who look much better in the flesh than they do in SL - there are even fewer men. And besides while a woman can often hide how boring she is with giggles and OMG it is difficult for a man to hide the same thing. The only arbiter - male or female - of success/happiness? in Second Life is humour and conversation/communication skills, either in text or voice. Once one has been in world for a while the care taken with an avatar - good, bad or ugly - matters as it denotes one cares and is not the often reviled noob. After that as in real life it is only one's communication skills that matter - its a shame that most men in SL have few.