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Jon Roberts
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How come my questions don't appear....??? "When will MLS open up to other jersey brands other than only adidas?
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2011 on SBI Live Q&A (Nov. 9th Edition) at Soccer By Ives
Looks like the USMNT got luck with this win, now we get to pick Rogers, Marshall and Hedjuk !
My bad, I was referring to the other teams that did not make it to the playoffs. So what's the best bet on the formation, assuming we do have most MLSers, push Lando or Dempsey up? Or just keep Casey up with Jozy? Plus we get like five subs in friendlies correct? Anyone for bringing in Eddie Johnson? Adu? Or even another stint for Beasly?
Thanks, sort of knew that. My point was straightened out a bit more by Brian. Thing is, there are eleven other MLS teams to chose from but, Bob never picks anyone from those teams. Well, I just don't wanna get creamed in Europe because we don't have so many starters.