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Now me, I like to burn the casts to disc after listening on the computer, so I can later have hours of enjoyment without having the computer threaten to freeze or otherwise go on strike against the awesome. Also, my back hates me if I sit at the computer that long. I haven't listened to this yet because I'm minutes from going to bed, but I look forward to the morning! Oh, on a side note, one of my Christmas gifts was Secret of Nimh on DVD -- going to watch that on the computer tomorrow, too. You know, since everyone else in my family is also not a child, and too many of them are teens who feel above such 'kiddie' things. Okay well, early twenties anyway. So if 23 is too old, how is 43 just young enough? It boggles.
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Dec 14, 2009
Only went to Disney Land once in my life, and since I was six at the time, wasn't allowed to visit The Haunted Mansion. I still hope some day to get the chance to have that experience, since I'm sure the movie was nothing at all like the ride must be. Though it would be rather cool to have Jennifer Tilly's head in a crystal ball along for the ride... I think my favorite Moment with Wil Wheaton and the one I really wish I could see is the Watching a Pot on the Stove bit. Please can we see you pwn the boiling pot?
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That recordist/heckler? Laughed a lot like Crispin Glover in Back To The Future on his recordings... And I was a little sad that the video of Adam Savage's 100 wishes cuts off before he tells the wish regarding Dick Cheney, for reals. Still, put the whole thing on CD and have listened to it daily. So much awesome!
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