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rosemary chigwada
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I have some leftover wood from when our kitchen was done. Was almost going to give it away. Wasnt even thinking of the pantry. The moment I saw your pantry picture, it just clicked. That is where I am going to use that wood! Oh my God its so good meeting you! And your pantry.
BTW the pink feet really look so cute to me. Yes, cute!!
Not even zero irk from me! Proudly Zimbabwean. Avid lover of chicken feet. Hubby doesnt like them so we eat with the kids. For me even if u were to boil them with a little oil without grilling or frying or adding spices they wd still be delish! With this recipe of grilling them, we are so going to enjoy ourselves during the holidays! For brunch! LOL! Discovered you recently whilst nominating food wishes for the foodbuzz thing. Love u and your site man! Ummmmm. Thinking of starting a blog featuring tripe and casings dishes. Do u eat that in your country?