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Hey Adam, We have a "hiring challenge" that's been incredibly useful at separating signal from noise on applications. It's not incredibly difficult for web developers, but anybody who completes the challenge is worth our time for a phone interview. (You can check it out at You'd be surprised how many people can't get passed even some basic web stuff. And it more or less eliminates needing to present a coding problem over the phone. We're bit smaller than you guys, so we still take a bit more time per hire, but we generally use the phone interview to assess personality and sell the candidate on the company, with a bit of technical evaluation thrown in for good measure, and then ask the candidate to do a bit longer coding exercise, that they can take up to a week to complete. Most solutions there generally run about a hundred lines of code. Next, it's the in-person interview, which is 100% to assess for personality and team fit, and then a 1-week trial period, after which we fully pull the trigger. Rock on.
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