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Rachel -- Thank you for writing this. The whole notion of influencers really bothers me. Not just because I find the idea of people anointing themselves influencers highly distasteful, but the whole logic of their argument breaks down at virtually every point. Reach is one thing but it's a fraction of the entire equation. I really like your idea of a network and flow of influence. Individuals and groups contribute to that and the great thing about the web now is that you can measure that in real time. It's easier now (but not complete) to see where the micro-bursts of conversation occur and analyze how to contribute to them and the network of people involved in the right ways. What you're saying is really important because it seems that in the absence of a real solution, people are buying into false ideas and products.
Couldn't agree more. Great insights as usual. Re: conferences and panels, I presented at the Social Consumer conference in NYC last week and it hit me that by the 3rd presentations we weren't really saying anything new. As I was the 4th presenter I found myself having to be really creative about what I'd focus on. That said, I think there are audiences that aren't in our little Social Media echo chamber. I wonder if that's where the conferences and presentations are providing great value right now. Hospitality industry, anyone?
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2009 on What's New in 'Social" at The Social Organization