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:D #1 Congrats and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! job on being able to be apart of it! #2 I was absolutely thrilled when I learned that Majel was able to play the voice of the computer (as it should be) I always felt that anything Star Trek should have HER blessing and no one else's. I'm glad JJ made sure to get her blessing. Now knowing that you were a part of it too makes it that much more awesome! #3 LOL at Kevin Hansons comment about how Shatner was snubbed and not you. I think Shatner has had his glory and success, let other people shine and have fun too. #4 I thought it rocked when I saw you in Nemesis. But they only showed you for like 5 seconds (If that) and then the rest of the movie kinda went down hill. So you were the best 5 seconds of that movie lol. #5 Keep Trekking, this is the dawn of the geek revolution and YOU ROCK!!! (((((HUGS)))))
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