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Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)
I am a collage - a collection and reflection of every idea I've ever found inspiring, every technique I've ever seen and all the beauty I see in the world. Within me and my work, these things are merged, reflected and somehow become the unique being that is me and the unique form that is my art! I see the world differently to many, I am constantly amazed by the beauty around me. I like to express myself through art - I stamp, I journal, I colour and I create. I love my life and the part that art plays in it. I enjoy learning new things and teaching others new things - I love sharing the WOW moment.
Interests: gardening, card making, cooking, copics, art journaling, mixed media and growing orchids all keep me busy.
Recent Activity
Today I have a fun little journal page that took me waaaay down the rabbit hole, with one of the new Fowler Face stencils from Artist Cellar! Now for those who find drawing faces from scratch a bit intimidating, face stencils are the perfect way to get started! They give you a wonderful framework that you can play with and make your own. For this page, I decided to use the 1/4 turned face stencil called 'Joy'. To start, trace... Continue reading
From the humble house cat to the mythical dragon, animals have provided some of the greatest creative inspiration to artists throughout the ages. We as humans seem to feel a deep and abiding connection with the other inhabitants of our planet. So, in Week Three we are taking artistic inspiration from our favorite animals. This can be in any way you like, consider your favourite animal, what the animal means to you, a time you have had contact with your... Continue reading
Hello gorgeous people! Are you getting ready to send your kids back to school or perhaps going back to school yourself? It's always nice to start off the year with beautiful stationery and supplies and today I'm going to show you the World's easiest Page Tabs and how to make them in under 5 minutes! So let's get started. SUPPLIES Gather your supplies - you won't need many! Paper punch (I'm using a hexagon shape from Fiskars, circles, squares or... Continue reading
What is Level 10 Life? For me, it is both a motivational tool and sort of a 'Mental Health' check for life, a way for me to check in with myself each year and make sure I am doing everything I can to live the best life I can and plan to make things better. It gives me a chance to think about my life and make sure I am putting in 100% to live the life I want and... Continue reading
The new collections are soooo super pretty - can't wait to play!
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2018 on Sneak Peek: Prima Traveler's Journals! at Prima
This is the one I'm most excited about oxoxo
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2018 on Sneak Peek: Lavender Collection at Prima
Are you looking for a little help getting started in your journal, art journal or planner this year? Let me help you with this list of weekly journaling and planning prompts - one for every week of the year! Whether you're a planner girl, an art journaler, journal keeper, list maker or even a writer, you can use these 52 prompts. Whatever your passion, these will help to enrich your life and provide a bit of direction if you are... Continue reading
Hi Lisa - that app actually sounds good, will have a look - Yoga always looks so relaxing but I have always been too chicken to try - starting at home sounds perfect! Happy New Year to you as well oxoxo
Aww thanks Bridget - more coming :)
We sure are in it together oxoxo I've got classes of that age as well! Let's see if we can make use of some of what we have oxox
Thanks Jordan :)
Aww thanks Kathy!
Happy New Year 2018 - I hope it will be a year of marvellous and happy times, filled with fun, creativity, kindness and growth! I have 2 goals for 2018 - I've been fairly modest on purpose - to MOVE and to LEARN! For a while now there have been things I've wanted to do, but I have yet to take steps towards achieving any of them (well most of them). Last year I had a bit of a scare... Continue reading
Can you all tell I've been having a complete blast making Christmas projects lately! It seems everywhere I turn there is another idea for a new project - must be the Christmas sparkles inspiring me. Today I've created a simple Christmas card with a water coloured background, a little stamping and a foiled Christmas sentiment. You can grab the yummy goodies I've used from Lulu Art of course! The steps are fairly simple, so let me show you how to... Continue reading
OK how could I resist making an art journal page using Jane Davenport and Kylie Fowler supplies, especially now that Kylie is carrying Jane Davenport supplies in store I kinda HAD to make this page. I was inspired by the riot of colours in the new collage papers and felt like I needed to make an equally riotous and wild page. From there it was a short hop to Frida Kahlo, as it's Frida I think of when I think... Continue reading
Beautiful cards from the whole team oxox
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2017 on Shake! Shake! Shake! at Prima
Today I'm going to share all my best secrets for making a simple Shaker Card, no fussing about just quick, simple and reliable! If that's not enough I've made this card using the beautiful Prima Rose Quartz collection and shimmering Starburst sprays from Lindy's as part of a very special Christmas YouTube Hop with some amazing artists - I can't wait for you to see what Tiffany, Bona, Anita, Lanette and Tantalya have created! SUPPLIES To make a card like... Continue reading
Looking for ways the creat cool color charts? Then have a look at this idea using supplies from Lulu Art of course! Colour charts - I love to make them but often seem to fall into the trap of having them be purely for 'utility reasons' - I can be a little too practical on occasion. So I've been looking at ways to make them more exciting and interesting while still retaining their original purpose - which is show off... Continue reading
Today we are going to check out 5 simple techniques for decorating notebook covers. So why do you need special techniques for notebook covers? Well most of us are actually using the notebook, so the cover needs to be sturdy, and easy to slip into a bag or a bookshelf with other items. If you have 3d flowers or embellishments that protrude too far these can become ripped off, snagged, damaged or at worst damage other items! So it's best... Continue reading
Hi there Sparkly peeps! I've been excitedly waiting for my Prima Traveler's Journals to arrive in Australia and gathering supplies to use with them while I wait - yes interpret this as hoarding! Now that they are finally here, I thought I'd show you my brand new Prima Marketing Traveler's Journals (aka Traveler's Notebooks or TN's) in the Nomad's and Lady Like Starter Sets and give them both a quick review. Please let me warn you that my review is... Continue reading
Thank you Leslie - that's the whole reason I have a blog oxoxo Enjoy playing with some of those BRIGHT colors :)
Thanks Leslie - I bet any of your patterns would look amazing done in paper oxoxo
You may have seen over on my Instagram or YouTube accounts that I managed to get my grubby little hands (literally - I've always got paint or ink somewhere) on some of the fabulous new Prima Traveler's Journals in the Lulu Art store - my current favourite is the Nomads set! Each travelers notebook set comes with some plain notebooks tucked inside and well you know me, I couldn't just leave the inserts undecorated! So, I thought I'd show you... Continue reading