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Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)
I am a collage - a collection and reflection of every idea I've ever found inspiring, every technique I've ever seen and all the beauty I see in the world. Within me and my work, these things are merged, reflected and somehow become the unique being that is me and the unique form that is my art! I see the world differently to many, I am constantly amazed by the beauty around me. I like to express myself through art - I stamp, I journal, I colour and I create. I love my life and the part that art plays in it. I enjoy learning new things and teaching others new things - I love sharing the WOW moment.
Interests: gardening, card making, cooking, copics, art journaling, mixed media and growing orchids all keep me busy.
Recent Activity
Thanks Daisy - I'm rather in love with the small beads myself :)
Welcome to the 2016 Lindy's and Imaginarium Hop - a match made in heaven with fabulous chipboard elements from Imaginarium Designs and gorgeous sprays, paints and powders from Lindys! This HOP is massive! Come and join the fun with the amazing Design Teams from Lindy's and Imaginarium Designs combining their creative forces for a massive blog hop and it's starting RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW! There are prizes galore and so many stunning projects to inspire you! It's so easy... Continue reading
Thanks so much - loved the black and white theme oxoxo
Want to create a simple black and white scrapbook layout, that's heavy on the texture and draws attention to your photo? Well, that's what I'm going to create today - so join me in having a play, whip out those sprays, reach for your embossing powders and have your embellishments at the ready. Today I'm creating a layout using minimal color, Black, White and a touch of Gold (vintage, bright and matt) and the sparkle for this project (because you... Continue reading
Ever wondered what the simplest way to create a killer dark watercolor image is and still keep it interesting and vibrant? Well for today's project I needed to do exactly that - create a dark image, full of interest and pattern using watercolors! Why - well I'm on a bit of a mission - Karl Urban (one of my Top 10 favourite actors of all time) is going to be at Comic-Con in Sydney 2016 and so am I (insert... Continue reading
Thanks Kathy - I'm loving the templates!
LOL thanks Edna oxoxo
Why thank you Mr or Ms Anonymous - good catch - all fixed now :)
I'd be honored to be included - thanks so much oxoxo
Aww thanks so much oxoxo
Thanks Rachel - absolutely worth a try!
You are welcome Margaret oxoxo
Thanks so much Carolyn - it's certainly saved me from having to buy so many different colours of glitter!
Thanks so much Janet - so glad you enjoyed it :)
I don't know about all of you out there but I ADORE Tim Holtz, I've even been lucky enough to attend 2 of his live, in person classes and meet him - yes there is a little hero worship happening - how could I resist an amazing artist and a really genuinely nice guy!! Tim creates THE MOST divine grungy backgrounds and projects and I love following along and creating with him. My problem begins when I've finished creating my... Continue reading
Thanks so much Marta - she is one of my favourites as well! If you weren't happy with your doodling - can I suggest Stendoodling - it's really simple and surprisingly rewarding!
Thanks so much Kathy - I'm currently working on a few 'series' of informational posts to give people a bit of a jumping off point for my favourite types of art. I hope you all will find them useful :)
Want to start Doodling but a bit overwhelmed and confused about the styles of doodling and what the differences are? Well in this post I'll take a look at the different styles of doodling (or repetitive art forms) and discuss what makes each of them unique. There five main styles or types of doodle based art are: Zentangle ® Zendoodling Stendoodling Mandalas and Doodle Art Each style or type has its own specific characteristics and forms and all are equally... Continue reading
Today I'm conducting a little experiment and testing 3 Minc mediums produced by Heidi Swapp - the Minc Reactive Screen Ink, Minc Reactive Mist & Metallic Texture Paste, over 3 popular brands of spray - both sparkly and not sparkly. For my test, I decided to use the extremely sparkly Time Travel Teal - Starburst from Lindy's Stamp Gang, Teal Color Shine from Heidi Swapp and the Cracked Pistachio Distress Spray Stain from Ranger and Tim Holtz. Between these 3... Continue reading
I KNOW many of you reading this will have blogs or websites of your own, so I thought you may like to come along on this Blog Overhaul journey with me! Whether your blog is on TypePad or not, much the information I'll be discussing in this series '10 Ways To Improve Your Blog' is universal. Let's begin with the most important thing you can do to improve your blog! If you have a blog or a site you NEED... Continue reading
Thanks Vickie - absolutely use what you have! You could also do this with watercolours, thinned down acrylic paint - the list is endless! I hope you have fun trying it out oxoxo