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Look at all the looks Denis Hamlett is getting from the league . . . amazing considering some here think he was a good coach that was shafted. ;D
Love this idea. I'd like it even more if he did well enough to stay until the WC. Great exposure to high level competitions, exposure to England NT players and other World Cup quality players.
Brilliant reply. I'm not sure how Deadbull gets any karma out of this since your weak ass club has nothing to do with this coaching change . . . . unless of course you want to hire another ex-Fire coach (hence the logical karma comment nimrod). Since it worked out so well for you last time, feel free to sign Denis. Congrats on Erik Soler.
David Myrie LOL!!!!!! I guess we know where Denis Hamlett will end up next, as Nowak's assistant. Myrie was the defensive Tico Denis picked up during the last transfer window while we were suffering defensive injuries. Denis signed David Myrie then announced that Myrie would play no role in our 2009 squad, that he was a project. GENIUS!!!! Have fun in Philly Denis!
"Yes it is" - Juan Carlos Osorio
Ives, Maybe you should write an article about how Hamlett is the best choice for RBNY. This time around however, your club wouldn't have any of the drama surrounding the last Fire coach Red Bulls hired. I see it as a logical step since you think Denis is a quality MLS coach that's been wronged; RBNY is looking for a good man after all. With any luck, Denis would do as well as JCO did.
Hauptman is AL Davis? Let's check the facts shall we? 1) Sarachan was fired by Guppy/AEG. 2) Osorio was hired by Guppy/AEG and after a his short stint, he cried, moaned and whined to the new owner Andrew Hauptman to let him out of contract to go to NY; you know how that unfolded Ives. 3) Hamlett was Hauptman's "FIRST" hiring. Now I think it's safe to say that Denis wasn't Andrew's first choice, but neither party had a gun to their heads when they signed a 2 year deal. Was Hauptman's expectations for Denis high? Looks like they were. Did Denis have the tools to earn a contract extension? Yes. Did Denis face challenges in achieving those goals? In my opinion he did, but the challenges were both outside of his control and some self inflicted. Either way, he knew he had a 2 year time span to achieve them. So let's see who Andrew Hauptman decides will be his "SECOND" hiring before we judge him. Hauptman may well end up being the next jerk Al Davis sticking his nose in the club's business with horrible results . . . or, OR . . . he could be the next jerk George Steinbrenner sticking his nose in the club's business with multiple championships. It's way too early to pick out out which overbearing owner-type Andrew will turn out to be Ives, way too early.
Thanks for the years of service Denis, but I do think we needed to go in a different direction given that we're heading into a rebuilding year. Denis had a highly talented club both years he ran the team and wasn't able to make the necessary additions during the transfer windows to sure-up our needs and ultimately couldn't win one single trophy with those teams. If Denis couldn't win titles (USOC, Superliga, Supporters Shield, MLS Cup) with the 2008 or 2009 teams, I don't feel he'd have much luck with a team about to enter the rebuilding process. Denis should be able to get a job coaching somewhere with his long term MLS assistant and head coaching experience.
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Nov 24, 2009