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Nothing is better than getting a good deal. This counts for you as a customer, but also for salesmen. In this blog, I offer you a glimpse in the distorted Picasso-like world of salesmen, bases on common and less common marketing knowledge. Disclaimer: though this blog is based on first hand experience and on stories of trusted friends, it is highly subjective, generalizing and blunt. In my previous blog I mentioned the key assumption for successful marketing: to be able to categorize large groups of people into a box, with a fancy label on them. You, dear reader, are constantly categorized by companies into boxes, e.g. based on your demographics and purchase history. Companies constantly make rather blunt assumptions about you. This is perfectly ok because it’s the best they can do as a company in their holy endeavor to make you buy their stuff. There is only one thing more powerful for them: employing good salesmen (a.k.a. craftsmen of... Continue reading
Posted Dec 11, 2009 at Community Marketing Blog
Say, I want you. Finally! Cause you’re cool and seductive. But, you have to be cheap and easy, that’s just my taste. It’s even oke for me to put some effort in you. I’d search for you (online), and pay for you (€15 till €30 per month, I said I was looking for cheap and easy). And although I will not promise to be fateful to you forever, if you don’t cross me and perform as expected I will not leave you. Unless off course I am seduced by a new mistress, with new golden promises. Why, I ask, why can’t I find you? Why do I have to make such an effort? And I even wanted to pay you. Oke, I think I made it pretty obvious I wanted to purchase a credit card. To whom can I give my money? About a Turkish bazaar and a lazy dinosaur. Marketing is about exploiting commonalities of large enough groups of... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2009 at Community Marketing Blog
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Dec 1, 2009