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All quotations from The Holy Bible are from the New King James Version (NKJV), copyright 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.
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Posted Aug 26, 2015 at TAF:apn:typepad ver
Great post, and K'naan's song is wonderful. We must always remember that it is who we are inside that matters, not where we are from. There are many diamonds in the rough, at the same time there are many sparkling tombs. In the true Christian message - as opposed to that proclaimed by judgemental people - it is asserted that Jesus did come down from heaven for people like me (and you, and everyone else), so the door to heaven can be opened for those who are hurting and who are deemed by society to be unworthy. Worth checking out.
@Saidah, a pastor getting a free lunch for himself, a church attendee, and the Worship Director (who remained silent the whole time) because the tab is picked up by the money collected by the church on Sundays, is an inappropriate use of church funds. I would have gladly met with the pastor in his office, or paid for my lunch myself. As it happened, I realized that the pastor had basically took money out of the church offerning plate and fed me with the proceeds. I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one who received the "acountability talk" via "free lunch" treatment in that church. This means that the pastor and the Worship Director routinely eats out of the offering plate. And pardon me for moving into another discussion thread, but those churches who preach that "Christians must not drink any alcohol" must consider the apostle Paul to be a horrible and corrupting sinner when he wrote 1 Timothy 5:23. Or perhaps they purge that verse from their Bibles because it does not conform to their human teaching. Disclaimer: I do not drink any alcohol myself, but it has nothing to do with my Christian faith. In general, if any church preaches "Christians must never do X", where X is any activity not explicitly prohibited in the Bible, be very careful. Read Colossians 2:20-23.
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Regrettably, I have had to make this decision just a few months ago. I have been attending this church for about a year, and everything went well. I have also been going out to several social events with their young adult group. One of their pastors asked me to go for lunch with him and the Worship Director. After the usual small talk, the pastor started declaring something about if I fail to grow as a Christian, he would have failed as a pastor. And in order to grow, I must join an "accountability group" in church, where I will have to disclose all the sins I have committed during the past week and "be held accountable" for them. While he is not connected with me on Facebook, he said that I have been posting/saying "un-Christian things" on Facebook, thus showing that I need to be "discipled" by him. When I mentioned that I may not be able to commit to attending an "accountability group" due to the needs of my parents, the pastor pulled out Luke 14:26 and declared to me that I should hate my parents if they were to "stand between you and Jesus Christ". The pastor further told me that I should not have went to Las Vegas a few weeks prior. After condemning my trip, he asked, "so what did you do in Las Vegas?" (I wish I could have answered, "I was on a missions trip and shared the gospel with a few dozen unsaved people", but for the record I was on vacation with a friend, his wife and parents, all Christians. In addition, his wife is a youth pastor.) After further stressing of how important it is that I am "held accountable", the pastor paid for the meal. Using the church's corporate credit card. I thank God for preventing me from understanding the implication of this fact until the next day, so I did not have to throw up. After praying about the encounter, I believe God was telling me to FLEE IMMEDIATELY. I wrote an email to the pastor explaining why I will no longer be a part of his church. I further thank God that I was aware of, and now attend, another church that preaches Christ's grace, instead of rules and "accountability".
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