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a little crafty nest
My name is Jules and I am a mama to three sweet little beauties, I am a wife to a wonderful fella, and I am a few other things too. I love to garden, craft, knit, quilt, and do just about anything creative. It feeds my soul!
I'm happy you stopped by to visit!
Interests: knitting, gardening, crafting, canoeing and other outdoor adventures
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Around here, birthdays go on for days. My parents visited for a family celebration of three of their grandkids, our family had a special beach day on her birthday, and then she had a gaggle of girls over for silly, wet, waterpark adventures...homemade, that is. We set up a piece of last year's greenhouse plastic with the sprinkler on it for a waterslide, and then we visited our pond for raft rides towed by our neighbour. The whole party was outdoors ~ a rare treat because of usually horrendous skeeters. Fortunately, it is really an unimpressive bug year and we... Continue reading
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Thanks, Mom. And yes, the gardens are edible and editable...I change them every so often! :) xo Jules P.S. On your next visit, it will be fun to see what else is ready!
Thanks, Tonya...while you have clay soil, we have rocky as we live on a creek bed. All the beds in the Big Garden have to be raised or I cannot grow anything. I envy those who can rototill and plant, but then, I do love my raised beds :) Wishing you a week of abundance out there! xo Jules
The Big Garden... potatoes are showing signs of being finished waiting for some rain to pass to harvest the last of the garlic volunteers in the garden are always a delight! more volunteers in the roots beds...lots and lots of surprise dill amongst the carrots and beets fending off the kids from eating up all the baby carrots paid off...our first "real" carrot harvest in years up by our house, I am collecting plants to create a screen to cover up the neighbour's fence that runs within feet of our house...and I squeezed in a very late squash bed with... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at a little crafty nest
This week, rather than my usual myriad of favourite moments that I was lucky enough to capture on film, I have just one that stands out. It reminds me of my girl at the same age, in the same pink goggles. Though she opted for the outfit without the pink earmuffs. I do think they rather accentuate the whole ensemble, however. Enjoy your weekend, friends! Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2014 at a little crafty nest
The evolution of your gardens is remarkable, Amanda. And I am blown away by the sheer volume of bean tipis...whoah! That is a lot of work. And I must confess, my inner Virgo admires your organized tool area far too it! xo Jules
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The Big Garden... the potato plants are enormous, the garlic is nearly ready to be harvested, the black hollyhocks (for dyeing) and beginning to bloom, and the onions are scraggly Just yesterday as I prepared our dinner, I realized we have turned the tide in our gardens. Until then, it seemed I was harvesting variations of greens...lettuce, spinach, bok choy leaves, beet greens, parsley. But then last night ~ oh! what variety! In addition to our regular salads, we ate broccoli, peas, and the thinnings from carrots and beets...little baby ones steamed then tossed in olive oil and garlic with... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2014 at a little crafty nest
My littlest fellow turned four this past weekend. Four whole years old! If asked his new age, he first spends a few concentrated moments organizing his fingers so he can hold them out to show you while declaring, "I am fo-wuh now!" Honestly, I have spent many long moments this weekend gazing at the longer-limbed, capable bodies of my three children, marveling at these beautiful creatures that I am lucky enough to walk beside. It was just mere moments ago that they were babes in arms, reliant on me for everything. Now, my little Huckley tries to show us all... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Dear Lori...Oh, hearing from you is like a great big hug for my heart! Hello!!!!! I was thinking of you just the other day and how you were probably on your own time now because it is summer guiding season. Imagine...there will be a day when I have no kids at home and I can visit you in between seasons! Wishing you such good and peaceful times right now...lots of love, xo Jules
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Hello! I am here. Honest, I am. Life is so very full and every night I hope to wake up from putting the children to bed, and then I close my eyes again and sink easily into sleep. I'm struggling to carve out a little "me" time right now, though I see that I have put it on the backburner of priorities. Afterall, our first new farm friends arrive in about a month's time and there is sooooo much to do. And that is honestly highly motivating to me to set aside the knitting or writing or crafting time, and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2014 at a little crafty nest
My most reliable kitchen assistant right now is Huckley. Nearly every meal, he may be found with freshly scrubbed hands, still drying them, and asking, "Can I help, mama?" Of course! He likes to chop all sorts of things, and running outside to the Kitchen Garden for greens is a nightly ritual. I am so very grateful my kids like to be in the kitchen with me, looking to help and casually sharing conversation. We are garden sitting for some friends of ours who offered us half their strawberry harvest if we collect their berries regularly. Last year they put... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Our Big Garden... There has bee so much sunshine this week, bringing me happily out to do a lot of watering. While we have soakers on some beds, we don't on the recently-built new beds that are home to water-loving tomatoes, basil and peppers. I don't mind because the bugs have not yet arrived and I spend a good part of the morning watering and tending animals while the kids happily play nearby...with maybe a squawk or two to work out on their own. The big junky heap in the left foreground of the first photo is actually intentional! I... Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2014 at a little crafty nest
There has been lots and lots of building going on around here. Our friend's machine was here to put in our water line to the pasture and the next day, he took the neighbourhood kids for a ride down to the river in his backhoe. We nervously packed them off (with detailed instructions for Sunshine's medical needs) and then Josh and I went and sat by our pond for a blissful 20 minutes. This was our first alone date in our entire parenting lives...nearly nine years! Sure enough, we got a little restless with concern and decided to go walking... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2014 at a little crafty nest
I do understand, Katie, your thoughts. Thank you for sharing them in such a thoughtful, gentle way. And yes, the multi-age chicken thing is a hassle, but we are doing it happily. Such funny critters chickens are! Much love to you and yours, xo Jules
Oh Erinn, thank you for your kind words...they make my heart happy! I do believe if you want the homestead dream, you CAN do it!!!! Yes!!!!! We never planned on being so self-sufficient driven, but it has turned out that way somehow! I remember you mentioning, about a year ago, how you wanted to raise piglets. They really are so much fun! Such personalities. I wish that you manifest your dreams, Erinn. xo Jules
Ahhhhhh Sarah...I do so hope that it wasn't too much information for you?! I remember how much things like my post influenced me when I was vegetarian and I don't mean to offend. I really think that it is so particular to each family and we all make the choices right for our own situation. I respect how you are raising your is how I always thought I might raise my own. Interesting how things turn out, yes? And your thoughts on a future post are good ideas! xo Jules
Hello Robin! Are those turkeys wild like the ones from around here? Or do you raise them yourselves? I have heard turkeys can be a little more finicky to raise? Thank you for your best wishes on our garden season...I wish the same to you! I forget where you live, but I'm happy you have had a wonderful season so far (I think that is what you mean!) xo Jules
Thank you, dear friend. It is large, and not as large as we plan on it being! But we are continually working on the healthy tomatoes could use more loving (and by the way, you are so brave for your tomato highways!!!) Wishing you a productive garden season! xo Jules
Hello dear Susan...oh, yes, we have been busy with so many projects. This is the Chinese year of the Horse and we have been working hard like horses...I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. Might I suggest some bone broth to begin your transition? That is how I started and it was a very gentle way to begin and see if you'd like to continue. It is definitely not for everyone, I know. But for my family, it works well. Many blessings sent your way! xo Jules
Just over a month ago, a favourite layer hen of ours went broody and despite having purchased six new chicks to replenish the flock, we encouraged her to sit on six eggs. Six. Well, it is funny how six turned to eight turned to twelve...until at last check, it was a whopping 22 eggs under her! It turns out the other hens preferred to lay eggs on top of Princess rather than use the empty nesting boxes beside her ~ they had some good evolutionary foresight there. She eventually hatched out eight chicks, but two died after emerging, so we... Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Hello! I am really here...honest, I am. The busy-ness of Springtime on the farm coincides with the wrap-up of our homeschool year as well as three separate recitals/performances and all the requisite extra rehearsals. And this is only for two of my children...I am already getting jittery when my youngest participates in all the activities as well. View of our Big Garden from the house...only 1/4 of the whole has beds (on the right). Without the old greenhouse, it looks rather huge and empty. The left side is where our pigs will live. The big dark pit on the lawn... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Yes, the silliness and nostalgia of those moments are indeed worthy of a few happy tears. It amazes me how many people are so very musical...something I am clearly not but which I continue to try and nurture because I want my kids to be! I love how they continue to inspire the best of me...every time!!! xo Jules
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Melly, I didn't know you had a mandolin over there. You are such a musically inspiring family to me...I would love to be able to play. At this point, I usually choose spinning wool or knitting to picking up an instrument, but it is all in the balance, yes? Perhaps it is time to also pick up the banjo when it isn't in use. xo Jules
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Hi Kate, Yes, lots going on here which makes for busy fun! None of us are complaining about the work, either, for the reward is coming soon! xo Jules
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Laura...if I could learn any instrument it would be the mandolin! And you definitely have a lot of musicians in your family...what a family jam time that must be! xo Jules
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