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a little crafty nest
My name is Jules and I am a mama to three sweet little beauties, I am a wife to a wonderful fella, and I am a few other things too. I love to garden, craft, knit, quilt, and do just about anything creative. It feeds my soul!
I'm happy you stopped by to visit!
Interests: knitting, gardening, crafting, canoeing and other outdoor adventures
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Hi Robin...where we live, a greenhouse is essential if you want to have good tomatoes and basil and peppers. Last year, we tore down our old, dilapidated gh to expand the garden. Oh, I sure missed daily "Greenhouse Salads", or Greek salad. And you are so mid-winter with piles of snow hiding the garden beds, we have always gone into the gh like a sunny vacation place, stripping down snowsuits to play in the soil. I'll be thinking of you this winter! xo Jules
Dear Melly, I miss you, too!!!!!!!! I feel like a horrible friend for not being in better touch. But soon...the mosquitoes have arrived which slows down my outdoor work panic considerably. Hugs hugs hugs! xo Jules
Hello Susan, Yes, we have been so busy with spring work on the farm, and I assure you all is well. Thank you for your reminder to take care of myself ~ it is often at the bottom of the list for a mama, but I am realizing the importance of prioritizing my own needs too. It is a work in progress! Lots of love, dear Susan! xo Jules
Hi Lucy... Thank you. The pattern is available on ravelry, Queen Bee Legwarmers. If you check out my page (mama crafty nest or a little crafty nest) they are there! Enjoy! xo Jules
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(I can't believe how swiftly the time has flown since I last posted five or six weeks ago. We have been so so busy here on the homestead, welcoming new critters, expanding patures, building a new greenhouse...I am trying to keep up but life is so very full that most days I fall exhausted into bed, content with the day's work we've accomplished. Life is good.) I wanted to share the greenhouse we've been building. It was a last-minute throw together with some long hours logged by my husband while I tried to restrain myself from asking (yet again) how... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2015 at a little crafty nest
Hello dear Heather, Yes, the gardens are ever-expanding and we manage to put more food by every year. I do hope you post lots of your fabulous photos of your gardens, too. Wishing you lots of happiness in the spring sunshine! xo Jules
Hi Stacy, Yes, yay spring! Everything is growing so quickly, it is truly amazing! xo Jules
Dear Melly, I imagine you will have your hands full this summer, and next, too. I wish I was there to come and dig around in your soil for you and get it all ready ~ you know I would! Much love, and let's chat soon! xo Jules
Hello Regina, Thanks so much. I love the little flowers that pop up first in spring...such promise of the future bouquets that will freshen up our home. Have a wonderful day, too! xo Jules
early April garden... early May garden... What a difference a month makes in springtime! All the spring crops are in and thriving, though we have Jack Frost still visiting some nights. Because the tender lettuce can get frost burned, we close the cold frame at night and I have started using floating row covers. I pull them off in the morning, letting the spring sunshine warm up the broccoli and cauliflower, and then put them to bed in the evening. I like my little ritual after dinner while the kids get ready for bed...and those row covers are brilliant ~... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2015 at a little crafty nest
We have been watching a few episodes of the classic Little House on the Prairie television series. Do you remember it as a kid? I loved it...more than loved it ~ I wanted to move right in with the Ingalls, squeezed between Mary and Laura in their sweet little white nightcaps, tucked under their quilt in bed, listening to Pa play fiddle music while drifting off to sleep. A dear friend has loaned me the series, but wouldn't you know most of it (like 85%) of the shows are wildly inappropriate for my kids. People blown to bits, alcoholism, orphans,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2015 at a little crafty nest
March garden... early April garden Poking up here and there... first nettle pickings and plenty of eggs... His favourite... A good neighbour who saw our pile of gravel in the sheep pasture and surprised us one day on his tractor to move it outside the fence... I haven't posted in has been so very full here. The indoor starts are exploding on three levels, we've built a goat stall within our sheep barn (they arrive in two weeks), egg production has amped up, a new bed has been added to the Big Garden, and there are green bits poking... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2015 at a little crafty nest
Last month, late at night, I was searching ravelry for a pair of legwarmers to knit for my daughter to keep her muscles warm in ballet class. No luck. Then, by happenstance, I came across a request for test knitters for Luna Grey's new legwarmer pattern, Queen Bee. Miss Sunshine selected a skein of --- sport yarn, the melon colourway...yum! A very straightforward knit with just enough pattern to keep it interesting, but not distracting. And squishy is a good way to describe the yarn because there is indeed a lot of bounce to it. The legwarmers fit perfectly well... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2015 at a little crafty nest
Hi Heather...thanks. Yes, I made Sunshine a few pairs of pants last spring. I use our old tattered pj pants pattern whose name is long gone. I like them though because they are in the round, meaning not two leg pieces seamed together to form one leg. Does that make any sense? Basically, each leg hole is one piece of fabric allowing a nice drape. Then I embellished with ruffles and ribbons and patch pockets. Easy peasy, honestly. We call them her farm pants and she does love them. xo Jules
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Your well wishes are received with gratefulness, Susan...thank you! Lots of love your way, too. xo Jules
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2015 on a little faith at a little crafty nest sounds like you are well on your way! Yes, the great goat escapees concern me, too. We have not had any problems with escaping pigs, yet! I think a trick that we picked up from some oldtimers is to pen them in a small enclosure for the first two or three days when they arrive at your farm. Then, when they are let out into their yard, they won't bolt because they won't be as nervous or unsettled. It has worked for us...(I hope I didn't jinx myself). Wishing you a beautiful second year on your farm! xo Jules
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When I moved to our 5 acre home almost twelve years ago, I was single and thinking of going to live and teach abroad in Thailand. I had mailed off my applications and credentials and essays about why I love learning...and then Life sent a big huge curve ball. The mister. We met at the dump when I had taken a load of garbage from my first home to begin the long process of claiming a little of Me in this new place. A year later, he proposed. Another year after that, newly married, we welcomed our first child. Yet... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2015 at a little crafty nest
I'm giggling, Tonya, about how you think you "did it all wrong". Ahhhhh, this homesteading gig is all about making mistakes, yes? We get it wrong surely the first time and maybe the second time. If by the third time we are still floundering, well then, that's when we say it is a little hard. :) I hope you surely get some milk soon. If not, come on over (a good long ways) for some of ours, if we manage to do it! xoxoxo Jules
Oh Susan, you always make me smile! Yes, tea and hippie pucks ~ I have a feeling you'd enjoy that immensely. :) Yes, a busy summer is ahead, but we won't be milking Heidi until this time next year so it really isn't much more than we are used to...thank goodness. xo Jules
We found Lenny the lizard resting (hiding?) beneath a scrap of bark in the big garden. Huckley immediately was smitten. Unlike most other times, I agreed Lenny could temporarily reside in a container until the big brother returned home. Little did I know how fond Huckley would become of this slithery, glistening reptile. When Forrest walked in the door, before he could take off his jacket, Huckley proudly thrust the container towards his favourite person. "He's a lizard and I am calling him Lenny and he is mine." And in that single sentence, Huckley's entire four year old world was... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2015 at a little crafty nest
There were some moments indoors before the spring sunshine beckoned us outdoors...the boys made a homegrown breakfast of eggs and sausage on the cookstove, while one of our kitty's rested in some wool I was spinning... I finished spinning and plying some very special yarn for a wee little bird yet to be born, and discovered a new place for our napping Pippi and Pumpkin ~ kitty bunkbeds... Outdoors, we took care of some chores...taking water to the sheep and checking on our gardens... There were logs to be shortened and bike jumps to be built... A little cardboard box... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2015 at a little crafty nest
Every chance we get, our afternoons are spent outdoors, often for at least four hours or more. With homeschooling, we try and get most of our work finished by lunchtime so the time after lunch is more ways than just activities. I have found our grade 3 year is so very much about farming and building and "doing" day Huckley found Papa's stash of hand-made cedar shingles and constructed the walls of a fort. When his older brother returned home, he added a roof with a big hole to allow smoke to waft upwards. I was always nearby, clearing... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2015 at a little crafty nest
(Thank you so much to everyone for your kind thoughts and emails regarding my last post. While it certainly could have been a whole lot worse, it sure has helped me learn about the importance of protecting my children in cyber world, particularly with close up frontal photos. I plan to continue on here, but in a more cautious way.) These photos are from a month ago, back when it seemed like merely a mild winter in western Canada. Fast forward a month ahead, and we are in full spring, so very unusual for these mountains. Garlic tips have shooted... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2015 at a little crafty nest
Dear Angelika, Reading your words tonight really warmed my heart. Thank you so much for all your generous and kind thoughts. And you are homeschooling now, too! I hope it is going well. It can some days be such an enormous and daunting task, but for the most part, I love it so much! Here's to focusing on the Light and Beauty, xo Jules
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Hello Julie, Thank you so much for your lovely comments! And you are also in BC!!! It seems there are quite a few of us in this part of the world... I had a lot of advice from some other more seasoned mama bloggers. They seem much more computer savvy than me, that's for sure. I am still trying to work out some issues. Ginny at Small Things mentioned you can do some sort of photo protection... but I use Typepad so I still have to look into it. I look forward to visiting your blog when I have a good, quiet moment. xo Jules
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