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a little crafty nest
My name is Jules and I am a mama to three sweet little beauties, I am a wife to a wonderful fella, and I am a few other things too. I love to garden, craft, knit, quilt, and do just about anything creative. It feeds my soul!
I'm happy you stopped by to visit!
Interests: knitting, gardening, crafting, canoeing and other outdoor adventures
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Well, hello there. The days slipped by since I was here last, and while I so enjoy sharing and reminiscing in this space, it was also very easy to just let everything go. To be a little more present in the moment ~ which is rather hard for a Virgo like me. But as I finished up a gift for my nine year old son, which happens to be a long awaited photo album, I realized that I was lately missing the daily recordings of photo and words that had become so therapeutic to me on my parenting journey. So,... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at a little crafty nest
I reckon I watered her well this summer while the sunshine and good brown earth gave her lots of vitamins, because my little girl sprouted up so much this past season. And that is a good thing, I keep telling myself when I pause in the wonderment of how this could possibly happen to my chubby little baby girl who I thought just learned to walk not very long ago. And so during the summer, I set directly to the task of making her a larger milo vest. Her purple lavender and violets milo from 2012 was worn nearly every... Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2014 at a little crafty nest
May I introduce you to my first lamb that has lived here with our guardian pup, Clover...this is Sugaree. And I am smitten with her! On a beautiful early September day, my oldest son and I drove to a farm far away only to discover that the internet has a way of making things slightly more embellished, for lack of a better word. As soon as we arrived, I realized that internet looks can be decieving. What began as a wonderful first field trip for my son's grade 3 school year turned into a big lesson on purchasing animals sight... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2014 at a little crafty nest
When we decided, long ago in the winter months, to begin a fibre flock, we thought we'd make a beefy fence with some electric wire reinforcements and our critters would be safe and sound. However, after a neighbourhood cougar scare that resulted in one young male cougar dead just a few doors down from us, we re-visited the idea of a livestock guardian. I had originally not wanted another dog...we already have two Labs that do outdoor duty, and our small acreage felt even smaller when we considered adding a third dog to that. I have not ever liked llama... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2014 at a little crafty nest
It has been a long while since I posted just one photo from our week that needs no words. This special moment that I wish to savour and hold in my heart. Inspired by soulemama and her Friday tradition. Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Steve, it is always good reading your was a lovely walk about you took us on around your farm today, seeing how you tighten the battens, as it were. A long while ago, in the spring I think, I asked about how you built your barn. Well, fast forward, my husband is just putting up the hand-made shakes on our little barn right now ~ and I just posted about it last night! We've come a long way and seeing your set up is inspiring and helpful...thanks so much. Oh, and bringing the chickens a little closer is wise indeed ~ last night we were re-visited by a mama black bear and cub (again!) and luckily all our critters are safe and sound thanks to our three dogs. xo Jules
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Way back in January, when the snow lay deep and cold, I came to a realization. Not the sort that is ground-breaking for the masses, or in any form unique, but one of those simple and obvious realizations we all experience which has the ability to change everything. My realization was simple...why wait? My answer came in the form of my inner voice shouting...well then, let's dive in! And so we did just that. We decided we were not going to wait any longer to bring to our humble little farm the animals I have wanted since I was one... Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Thank you, Camilla...I actually thought the stripe was a little too big this time, but I kept it anyway. Thanks for your comment, it is so encouraging. xo Jules
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Thank you, Stacey, so very much. And I love Yarn Along for this very reason! Have a great day! xo Jules
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Still waters do run deep. My boy, on the threshold of nine, is mostly still water. Yes, often he is runnig about, wildly brandishing this sword he carved himself, and then labouriously sanded. But more often than not, he is quietly inhaling one book or another. And if he is not reading quietly, lost in the adventure of another time and place, he may be found at the shores of the nearby river, casting into the pool of fish, alongside his best buddies. It is not surprising to me that the colour of his eyes reminds me of a deep... Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Back to homegrown schooling here, with my big boy in grade 3 and my daughter in Kindergarten... Sunshine tells me as we are walking around our property, "You know Mama, it is the first day of school and I'm not nervous at all. I think it is because I am with you all day!" Which tells me that we need some back-to-school kid's books that focus on homeschooling! Forrest with his learning tree on the first day of Grade Three. After a summer of absolutely no classes, we are back into the swing of programs like... Herb Club ballet class... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2014 at a little crafty nest
If we aren't outdoors enjoying this glorious autumn weather, we may be found tinkling about on our new-to-us piano! A local homeschool mama tipped me off that her church was selling all sorts of things, including this piano for $50...just in time for Sunshine's new recorder/piano music lessons. We are awaiting a visit from the local piano turner...but until then, there is jamming to be done... And back to the gardens we go...making garden beds, see?... Have a great weekend! Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2014 at a little crafty nest
With the first hard frost behind us by a few weeks, followed by an autumn filled with sunshine, there is still lots going on in our gardens. This is my first real attempt at fall plantings that are yielding us plenty of food...rainbow chard and beet greens, while the peas are October! What an amazing way to extend the harvest by planting in early August...and such fun to keep peeking out there. Also, I planted a few green manures to boost the quality of our soil...a little buckwheat, vetch, and fall rye. I already turned under the buckwheat and... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Somehow, the seasons mingled and exchanged places while I was busy in the kitchen harvesting from the gardens and trees. I looked up from a stew pot of simmering yellow plums, the air sticky from the evaporating juice, and saw the sumac trees clothed in scarlet brilliance. I was a little surprised at the suddenness of the shift ~ I'm not even sure when this happened...perhaps with the early frost ten days ago? Perhaps when my children unconsciously began wearing pants outdoors with long sleevers? Perhaps when we lit our first evening fire in the cookstove last week? But seasons... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Oh, thank you, Susan! And it is so good to hear from you again. I hope your autumn has begun gently and beautifully, too. xo Jules P.S. And thank you for coming to my space!
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relaxing with besties Toadfest 2014 This is my birthday pie, cooked on the BBQ in a cast-iron skillet. My husband was set on giving me my traditional birthday blackberry pie despite the fact that our oven was out of commission for 2 months. I love his determination...and he surprised me with how good it tasted! Well, I am. There has been a whole lot of life going on around here that leaves me little time for anything but dragging myself to bed once the littles are tucked in. But I miss this space, and the connections I've made. Thank... Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2014 at a little crafty nest
From one Virgo gal to another, I'm wishing you a lovely year ahead. May you feel sunshine on your upturned face a little more, may you see more smiles and silliness, and may your heart embrace all the laughter and love that surrounds you, from near and afar! Happy Birthday! xo Jules
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Thank you, Tonya. I thought you might like to see the natural dyes. We must talk more about this addictive hobby. xo Jules
Oh, thank you dear friend. xoxoxoxoxoox and more xoxoxoxo Jules
Thank you, Mrs. Mallard, I think so too. xo Jules
Oh wow!!!! Heather, that poncho is amazing!!!! I can't believe the colour intensity. I would love to know what you did to create each colour, especially the blue and green. Love it so much! xo Jules
Erin, that means so much coming from you. I have always loved all you spin and knit. xo Jules
Oh, thank you, Brienne. xo Jules
Thank you, Laura. xo Jules
Thank you, Miri. She truly is like a little fuzzy peach, right from the moment she took her first breath. Utter sweetness. xo Jules