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a little crafty nest
My name is Jules and I am a mama to three sweet little beauties, I am a wife to a wonderful fella, and I am a few other things too. I love to garden, craft, knit, quilt, and do just about anything creative. It feeds my soul!
I'm happy you stopped by to visit!
Interests: knitting, gardening, crafting, canoeing and other outdoor adventures
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Ahhhh, to be five years old again. When everywhere you look is an opportunity for dressing up....and if you are my five year old, an opportunity to yield a weapon and make an explosion sound. Influenced by a bigger brother and his friends, my little Huckley loves to dress up as a knight or a pirate yielding various weaponry. (I particularly like his knife held to his calf with baling twine...such a farmer boy!) This boy is so very his play, in his ideas, in his love for his brother...and in his feelings. He so desperately wants to keep... Continue reading
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The fall gardens are such a thing of beauty in their own tangled, drooping, tired way. Little gems to be found here and there, like hide-and-seek. I like the slow and steady work of putting the garden to bed...readying for the restful winter season. xo Jules I don't normally join in here, but my gardens may be found here :
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We are in the midst of that very brief window when Autumn is at its glory. The brilliant maple leaves and changing larch needles, the mist that clings to our valley floor in the early morning, and apples everywhere. We have two big trees that shade our little creek and as the apples float downstream, they get caught up in the rock waterfalls. Dappled with snowberries, the creek looks like a giant Halloween bobbing-for-apples bucket. The gardens are tiring, and I am slowly putting them to bed. We finally had a frost cold enough to end the squash plants, though... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at a little crafty nest
Hi Tania, You can find out all the modifications I made on my ravelry page, which is linked above. It is a very easy knit for those just starting out, for sure. I'd love to see your baby milos! The header is a pot of mums on my kitchen table. Thank you! xo Jules
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Thank you, Angela. xo Jules
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Yes, Tonya, do make a milo. Very cozy. I will share more about my hopes and ideas for my sheep flock, but it is still in the ideas stage. Have you read the book by Barbara Parry good! xo Jules
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Hi Rosemary, I do love the milo for me, too. Very cozy. And now four of us match in vests! xo Jules
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I thought the same thing, Melly! It was so so hot out and he was sweating so much. All the SCA people were because their costumes are so complex and hot. I do hope you go. This first Medieval Fair is apparently the first annual ~ yay! xo Jules
Thank you, Susan. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! xo Jules
Yes, they certainly do, Grace. Lots of deep exhalations when the rough housing stars, that's for sure. xo Jules
The yarnaholics out there would most likely appreciate the book I've recently read (for the second time, that is)...Barbara Parry's Adentures in Yarn Farming. Such a wonderfully engaging read by another sheep lover like myself. Her passion for growing her wool inspired me so much with how to manage my own little flock, and has even given me the confidence to try my own hand at marketing the fleece I grow. The shawl above has been my ongoing summer knitting...something mindless to pick up and work on a row or two. It is the Danish Tie Wrap Shawl in double... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at a little crafty nest
When I was little, August was my favourite time of the year because it was my birthday month. August had its own glow to stand out from the other eleven months...I sort of marked my own calendar based on how many months until August. Some things change when you age, but I still favour August for so many reasons...though the reasons are more related to the onset of harvest season and refreshingly cool evenings to contrast the bug-free summery days. But, reliably, I can count on one special day of celebrating from my peeps... all dressed up to hike into... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at a little crafty nest
Quiet August mornings as we all wake up into the day... jasmine tobacco fragrances the evenings right outside our door Huckley says he is a soldier, though it comes at as "a doldier" We spent the most of July and August building a hay shed. My husband has built several of these in our neighbourhood for various farms, and so he knew just how big to build ours. The hay arrived on the only stormy day of August ~ of course. And the the first big splatters of long-needed rain began as our friends helped us unload. We know... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2015 at a little crafty nest
Hello Emma! Thank you. We are not self-sufficient quite yet with our veggies. Some, yes they last (garlic, for one). But we have a local farmer that we stock up with at the end of October and I put lots of root vegetables into our root cellar. Also, I freeze a huge amount of fruit for the whole year, as well as canning. All our pickles, jams, peaches, pears and applesauce will last all year. And lots of herbs, cabbages, and gourds. Your photos are beautiful...though you live half the world away (it seems), it looks like we could be neighbours. xo Jules
Look at the variations of colour you farm!!!!! Wow! Shetlands are so very colourful. I have merinos and they are simply white...useful for dyeing, though. I am envious of your mill...I am waiting and waiting and waiting for my wool to return. It was estimated at 6 months but now has changed to 18 months. Time to find a new mill, I guess. Happy favourite evening activity this time of year. xo Jules
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August was the time when the efforts of the previous four to five months (because I start my plants indoors at the tail end of winter) begin to visibly come to fruition. August is a reassuring month to gardeners, and for me, this was the most reassuring season I've ever had in twenty years of gardening. looking up to the Three Sister's garden in the back middle of the photo the kitchen garden the Three Sister's garden is becoming quite a tangle of vines and gourds and beans We had a wonderful summer squash year...and our favourite were these Flying... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2015 at a little crafty nest
Oh, Susan, how funny! I have that book, too...Cooking With the Dead. I haven't pulled that out in a long time, and now I will and think of you! Happy thoughts right back at you! xo Jules
Oh, Taryn, wouldn't they have such fun! Maybe a visit though if you ever come to Canada, or anywhere closer, like in Washington. Let's keep in touch! xo Jules
Yes, Shara, do make them next year! So easy and rewarding! xo Jules
There was a lot of celebrating around here in the month of July with two birthdays, and a Deadhead trip down Memory Lane. First, my youngest turned five. Five! Like his Papa and older siblings, Huckley loves to fish. His birthday party was a fish themed event with a few little kids his age. Truly, being the third child, he doesn't have as many friends his own age as his older brother. Usually, we all go to a friend's house and the kids just play together as a group. Sometimes, I get a little anxious that I haven't nurtured enough... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2015 at a little crafty nest
Thank you, Tonya! That means so much to me as I always admire the simple beauty you bring to all you do! xo Jules
Hello Robin!!!! How are you? Yes, we are full to the brim of drying tomatoes and herbs, and canning as much as we can. Life is so very busy, but I do enjoy it all so immensely. Wishing you a lovely Golden Yellow Season! xo Jules
Thank you, Susan. Like the art of parenting, my gardens are a work in progress. They have come such a long way, but they are still just half the size I'd like them to be. I sure would like to be as sustainable as possible, and with the kids growing, there is more time (and more hands) for getting there. It's all in the journey, isn't it? xo Jules
Thank you so much, Angelika! I do so hope my kids will remember all of this as their childhood! I certainly am enjoying so much of this! xo Jules
Lavender has such delicate looking petals, though it's stems are strong and sturdy and it's powerful fragrance is hard to miss. Such a wonderful addition to the garden, and I'm happy to say this was our first summer with a few plants that gifted us with weeks of blooming delight. I like to dry a lot of lavender, but these few plants weren't enough. I searched on the internet with what to do with them, and found several tutorials for making "lavender wands". I had never seen these before...these curious little packages to keep our closets and dressers filled with... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2015 at a little crafty nest