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a little crafty nest
My name is Jules and I am a mama to three sweet little beauties, I am a wife to a wonderful fella, and I am a few other things too. I love to garden, craft, knit, quilt, and do just about anything creative. It feeds my soul!
I'm happy you stopped by to visit!
Interests: knitting, gardening, crafting, canoeing and other outdoor adventures
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There are a lot of forts-in-progress around here right now... Infectious giggles under a downpour of last autumn's leaves... Sister's beading kit shared with brothers makes for peaceful crafting moments... Harmony in early springshine... Forrest's zip-line works! Ahhh, what a long and emotional week this has been! My husband has been away in the mountains for his final ski guiding exams and the sleep deprivation has been really getting to me. The first three nights I napped more than slept, getting out of bed on average seven to nine times each night! I think that Full Blood Moon combined with... Continue reading
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Thank you so very much, Cory, for your sentiments and compassion. Sharing our journey, in little bits here and there, has a few purposes. Mostly, to bring awareness to at least one person about what this condition is like for a toddler, who is now a 5 year old thriving and courageous girl. It is also a great release for me, at times. I find it very challenging to share some parts, and it brings up so many feelings bubbling to the surface, reliving that awful first year. But the wonderful support I do feel here is tremendously uplifting...and I thank you for your part in that ~ I really do. xo Jules
Dear Racheal...thank you so much for taking a moment to write this comment. Your words encourage and inspire me...thank you. xo Jules
Thank you, Robbie. I'm nearing the end of the week now, and it was a doozer...but this comment made me relax a little and smile. Thank you. xo Jules
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I have slowly been making my way around the house, corner to corner. It is so rare to find a moment to clean, but when I do, ahhhhh, feels sooooooo good! I think we both do a lot of the same thing late at night...ha! xo Jules
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Thank you, very nice to be appreciated! xo Jules
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Do you audibly let your breath out, too, when you see them? After a decade and a half of gardening seriously, I still feel that nervous trepidation wondering when/if my seeds will sprout. Definitely something to be happy for. xo Jules P.S. Erin, what were your first shoots?
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Thank you, Jenna. xo Jules
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Hi Katie, Yes, free (organic) spinach...I feel like I hit a homesteader's jackpot! And tired babies who have been exploring is a wonderful thing at the end of a day. xo Jules
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Oh, yes, having one's children back home must be about the best thing ever! I know those days will be here before I know it! xo Jules
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I'm happy to be joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots for the weekly gratitude*sunday. All week long, this little practice brings me into a quieter place of heart-filled appreciation. Right now I am filled up with gratitude for... ...a carpet of emerald emerging from the mud ...spring cleaning ~ even if it is only one small corner of our home at a time (our pantry is currently my favourite room of the house) ...the first shoots up in the garden ~ we've been waiting and waiting for these early affirmations that the garden will indeed grow again this year ...invitations... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at a little crafty nest
Melly...sometimes just listening is the best gift of all and you do that so much for me. I thank you for that. You've been along for this journey from the beginning when I emailed you from the hospital, and our friendship has only grown since then. I love your support and kindness and many dark moments you have walked beside me. Thank you!!!!!!! xo Jules
Heather, when I read your comment, I so wanted to reach out and ask you out for tea! I can't imagine the journey you've been on these last 7 years, and with a nightmare hospitalization, oh no!!! I'm so touched that my little space here in blogland is appreciated by you...and normalizing diabetes is absolutely important to me. I want my daughter to live in a world that understands what she is going through. Lots of love to you and your child. xo Jules
Thank you so much, Tonya...that is very kind of you to say so. I think that when you find yourself faced with challenges, you just simply do what you know in your heart is best. I'm no different than any other mama, I promise you. And your words make me feel full with happiness. xo Jules
While making breakfast the other morning, I noticed my three kids had set themselves up to do a little art. All facing the windows with the morning sun streaming in, warm and sticky. I want to savour this moment for a good long while...the quiet calm, the busy peacefulness of a day just beginning to unfold. Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Thank you, dear Laura...your words are lovely to me! And I am so happy (!) to hear the good stories people share about people they know living with T1D. I think any mama would do the same homework we have could you not? And yet, there is still so much I'd love to do. It is a bumpy, crazy roller coaster, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world...I love them so! xo Jules
Sara, I'll take your hug ~ thank you!!!! It is truly amazing how little information there is out there about type 1 diabetes...we knew so very little about it, too. When she was diagnosed, I instantly worried about her quality of life. I am grateful that some people understand how much work (intense work) it is to maintain a semblance of a "normal" life, so I appreciate your kind kind words! xo Jules
Ohhhh, thank you, Renee. It is good for me to share this, too. In fact, it takes a lot out of me and this was a very difficult thing to write ~ it took me hours! Despite the years since diagnosis, I still get down for a few days every few months and writing about it always brings me to a place of thinking, "Wow, I can't believe this is our life now! How absolutely unexpected and crazy!" But I am lucky and grateful, for my sweet girl is still here and thriving! xo Jules
Thank you, Sarah. If one person learns something here, then this post is so worth it! xo Jules
Thank you, Katie. I absolutely guarantee that I am no different than any mama out there...who wouldn't do all they can for their child? Yes, Sunshine is very brave ~ the bravest person I know, truthfully. Thank you for your kind words. xo Jules
Oh, Tracey...I can imagine how that might have affected you growing up. I'm so comforted to hear how it has impacted you today with your food choices. I do think I'm pretty lucky to have this sweet girl of mine...and yes, I hope for a cure every single day of my life. xo Jules
Thank you, Robin, for your heartfelt comment. I do so appreciate your kind and compassionate questions...we were on the other side once and did not know anything about T1D. And yes, your question is often asked. At this time, no, there is no cure for type 1 diabetes and she will not grow out of it. With diligence, she may very well lead a life with minimal complications...which is why we work so hard...heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, loss of limbs are just some of the devastating complications. I don't wish this condition on is so very very hard. However, you see my sweet girl and she looks just like anyone is only when you watch her closely you will see the scars all over her fingertips, the pump attached to her body, or notice the swift changes in behaviour. She ought to lead a fairly normal life, it is just plenty of work to make it normal. And I absolutely will do anything to make it good for her!!!! Anything! Thank you for your interest and compassion, Robin. Much love, xo Jules
Sunshine at almost 1 year old For my family, food really is the centre of our world. It dictates our activities, our playdates, our potlucks, our moods, our health, our survival. It is all encompassing, affecting everything about our day from the moment we wake til the moment we go to sleep, and then during the night, too. Without food, we may all die, but with food, my daughter may die, also. You see, my 5 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and for her, food may be, on the one hand, life sustaining and nourishing, or else it... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2014 at a little crafty nest
Oh, Tracey, I have seen that chicken sweater on so funny! I hadn't thought of knitting one before, Sunshine would love that! I'm happy your spring has is always a little disorienting when the seasons get all jumbled around. I love spring so much and will happily wait for summer afterwards. xo Jules
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Oh Melly, I just love that you knew this was trampoline hair! It always makes me giggle!!!! I'm happy you are having some warmer days, too...finally! And peas...potatoes! Let's try and chat Sunday? Josh will be home again that afternoon! Or Monday might be best. Perhaps I ought to email first? xoxoxo Jules
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