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Hello, I am a recent (2004) immigrant from West Germany, and in the past I have read about previous censuses which provided numbers of people's heritage and original cultures. Now that I read the 2010 form and its questions, I am astonished that nobody asks me about my culture, the language I speak at home etc. I am just being counted as "white" and then also as "non hispanic". I am affiliated with several survey companies, whose commercial consumer surveys I am frequently answering, and I have already noticed that they make only differences between "hispanics" and "non hispanics." And then, after that dividing, only then will they ask whether I am black or white or yellow or whatever. So does that mean the hispanics are getting really important now, really influential? Also interesting is the lack of religious questions. I was expecting to be asked about my non-christian faith, but just like the question about my spoken language, it is not being asked. How do these statistics come up which claim about 71% of Americans are christians, when in such a census this question is not being asked? I am in a minority, and as such I was of course hoping to increase the number of my "group".
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Jan 28, 2010