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Excuse me - but the story is about a man that was doing his civic duty by calling 911 to report a man being kicked in the head while in handcuffs. The 911 Police dispatcher told him to walk over to the car and attempt to find its license number. When he obeyed the Police dispatcher he susequently got arrested, jailed,harassed with derogatory name calling and threatened by the police officer to "Make him Disappear". Yet people in here seem to be talking about sex in the park when even the police officers involoved never witnessed or accused anyone involved of having public sex. Use your brain here. A man was arrested and jailed by the police for reporting police abuse. Are you really defending these police officers actions???
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For the anti-Aclu posters. Strickland was arrested and jailed for reporting what he thought was a crime in progress. (kicking the head of handcuffed John Doe). Then YOUR police officers called him derogatory names and threatended to make him DISAPPEAR. A good friend of mine was a young teenager in Argentina in the late 70's when the when the police and military were literally making people disappear. The ACLU is there (Thank God) to protect me and yes protect you from the Goons who don't respect the very laws they promised to uphold. I guess you won't understand that until they COME AFTER YOU or your family member. Just how stupid can you right wing neo-conservative freaks become.
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Feb 3, 2010