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Wil, you might consider recharging your batteries at the Verdugo Hills Golf Course. Yes, the VHGC is still hanging in there. Green fees have been slashed to $10 a round, seven days a week. Even cheaper for juniors and seniors. And that's just for starters. There are more promos to be had. The reduced prices are intended to encourage folks to come back to the course and hopefully bring in some new golfers as well. In order to save the golf course it must be proven viable. This morning I posted our Nov 14th eBlast online with the details regarding the new prices and other promos being offered. There's also a link from the Save the VHGC FB page: P.S. Beer is back at the VHGC! Tee's on the Green is serving draft and bottled.
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I agree, Jim. The development proposed to replace the Verdugo Hills Golf Course would squeeze 229 four- & five-bedroom houses on very small lots - about 8 houses per acre. That's a lot of pavement. Plus large swaths of the natural hillsides would have to be stripped to create a fire barrier for the all those houses. Audubon International has created a program that makes for eco-friendly golf courses. The local commuity is suggesting something like that for the VHGC - ecologically sound land management and conservation of natural resources = less pesticide and fertilizer use; infiltration of runoff water and rainfall; storage and re-use of runoff water; promotion of wildlife habitats; and aquifer recharge. Compare that eco-friendly approach with these simulated photos, which were shared by the developer as to what the project might look like:!/album.php?aid=181268&id=251085423613&ref=mf
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