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Mom, dad, son, twin girls. Come Hallowe’en a few years down the line, that could make for a great ‘The Shining’ family costume.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2011 on On Parenthood at Coding Horror
Totally with you on smart phones being the last gadget you'll probably need to buy. Mine's replaced a USB Skype headset too.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on What's On Your Utility Belt? at Coding Horror
> “Give him a couple more decades, and I'm sure he could have figured out the correct way to invoke emotions in a woman.” Have you ever read ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss?
Oh, and here’s what I meant to say: vintage Coding Horror right here. A smart, useful article, with smart, useful comments and discussion.
> Sure email is crap but all you are saying here is "oh noes I have to follow the standards involved". At least there _are_ fairly universal standards. Easy to say that when Jeff’s just laid them out for us. I suspect many, many hours of painful trial and error went into this blog post. > Can you propose a better system? It has to meet the following requirements > 1) Your address can be public, so anybody can send to you without having an explicit prior relationship. This opens the door for spammers, but also job applicants, customers, etc. Does your address have to be public? Everyone I know who isn’t into computers like we are (which, remember, is likely 95–99% of the people in the world, and is therefore the kind of person that matters) uses Facebook instead of e-mail. There’s no real concept of a public address for messages there. You have to explicitly allow people to send you messages by becoming their friend. is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 13, 2010