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just asking commented: 2010-02-21 12:28:50 -0500 "did marino won any thing ?" Oh, here we go, another ignoramus... Marino won 147 games in 17 seasons. He averaged only 5 losses a year over his entire career. He won the NFL MVP in 1984 (his first full season), He was the first QB in NFL history to have six 4,000-yard seasons (1984–86, 1988, 1992, 1994); First QB in NFL history to pass for 5,000 or more yards in a single season (5,084 in 1984); he was the only QB in NFL history to throw 40+ TD passes in a season twice (48 in 1984, 44 in 1986)…only 3 other QB's have done it once. Marino led 36 fourth-quarter comeback victories, second most all-time; he holds the Dolphins team record for most seasons played (17); he had 116 wins under Don Shula – the most by any head coach/quarterback combination in NFL history. He alos won the AFC Offensive Player of the Week honor 18 times in the regular season (and 20 times overall, including playoffs). Dan Marino compiled a 147-93 regular-season record as a starter, third best all-time, and that was without a single hall of fame receiver or a halfway decent running back! Of his 63 career games with 300+ yards passing, 11 came against the lowlife Jets (including his final 300-yd game); he had 8 against the Colts(who were in the AFC EAST during Marino's career), and 7 apiece against the Patriots and Bills…meaning Marino picked up 33 of his 63 career 300-yd performances against division foes!!! Incredibly, of Marino's 13 career games with 400+ passing yards, 4 came against the Jets…the other 9 came against NINE DIFFERENT TEAMS!!! Is there any wonder why Jets fans hate him? Is there any wonder why the no-class, clueless Jets fans knock him? That's like Ranger fans chanting "Potvin s*cks" To put this in perspective, Dan Marino's 61,361 career passing yards is the equivalent of having passed his way across the state of Rhode Island! Oh, and one last thing,,, Bubby Brister has a Super Bowl ring. It's not about the ring, it's about the sport of football... but, of course, if you insist otherwise, I am sure there is a jewelry blog out there who would love to have you. Sent from Kevin's iPod
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Feb 21, 2010