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I confess I'm not entirely convinced by the idea that it's still uselessly terrible. Command interpretation - and, more importantly, comprehension - as seen in SF remains beyond us I suspect, but the last time I tried dictation software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) I found that, with some training of the software and some practice on my part to avoid umms and aahs, it was of comparable accuracy and speed to general typing. In 2000, on a Pentium II. I suspect there is a greater problem though. While we work in noisy, shared environments, or use our home computers with others around while we're watching the TV or listening to music, dictation as our primary means of input is a fundamentally flawed concept. We have to vocalise our trains of thought to all and sundry and neither us nor them are likely very keen on that. I suspect it'll end up as another form of assistive technology, like screen readers for the blind at present. is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 22, 2010