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Is Holden on the bench today? I haven't seen
Ok. Thanks for the update. I didn't know that. Now I feel stupid.
This is unnecessarily hyperbolic. As stated above, he was injured almost all of last season after making the move to Forest and this was his first start with the team. Why can't people be happy for an American scoring in a foreign league and just leave it at that
Is Josh a friend of yours? Did his job transfer him to Holland and you're just really excited for him? I guess I'm happy for Josh too
Donavan with a brace early in the second half
No question about LA's penalty there. Beckham clearly hacked down by a De Jong style karate kick in the box and Landon Donavan now has 6 on the season
Is Harkes going for the Brett Favre type scruff on the face? I guess he saw the kind of women Brett was pulling and wanted to give it a try
This RSL-Houston game has been pretty dull. No clear cut chances that I can think of. Both defenses have been pretty stout
I wonder if Davies body of work up to now will be enough to get him a call to camp (injury permitting) even though he had an off game with Bradley in the crowd. Also, why no MLS running commentary? There are at least two nationally televised games tonight and more for some people
And then he dribbles out of bounds
I'm saying this with a bias point of view because I live in Justin Mapp's hometown (Brandon, MS) but I wish he would've kept up his form from the youth World Cups that he played in. He was incredible with the youth teams but just never stepped up to that next level. Even Clint Dempsey told in 2008 that Mapp was the next best player to watch in MLS for a big money move. He still shows moments of brilliance and you wonder what if...
Charlie's goal took a little more effort. I think he had 3 strikes at goal before it went in
I don't think you will find anyone on the planet that would argue with that. He had the game of a lifetime
That was an incredible draw
2 minutes stoppage time? They rolled around whining for at least 5 minutes
I completely agree. It's like we came out with a different mindset in the second half
It would be unbelievable to nick a winner here at the end
Argentina is scared to death of losing this game. They are diving all over the place in order to waste time
Once again, this ref is garbage!
Were those jersey grabs on Chandler not considered fouls because he didn't fall? This ref is garbage
Jozy has really stepped up his game in the second half. It just seems to me that he has to play with support up top to truly have his talents utilized
Howard's manager is probably fielding offers from all over Europe after this game
In 20-30 years, I am going to be telling my grandkids about watching Leo Messi, the magician. He is a different kind of incredible with the ball at his feet
Holy Hell!!!! Juannnnnnnnnn!!!!
Howard is playing out of his mind tonight!