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Tasha Bergson-Michelson
Research skills trainer and consultant
Interests: I am passionate about the experiences people have when they try to find infromation for school, work, or personal business. As we adjust to completely new ways of finding information, we have to think critically about what resarch means, and what skills we truly need to embrace the new freedoms people have for publishing while making sure that our research process is still a rigorous one. Many of our traditional reasearch skills are still vital to carrying our high-quality research, but not necessarily because of the precise processes we used to use, or the media in which we used to house information, but because of the desired outcomes. Those of us who spend our time thinking about what skills we want students to have going forward must let go of the old ways of thinking, and creatively reimagine how to get students from their natural state of Internet use to the quailty practices we desire.