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Richard Meic
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I just downloaded it and am reading it off an on all day today. Also @ Wil... I just bought Mmemories of the Future, dood. Looking forward to a fun time. I will critique it on my blog and link you when I'm done.
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Wil, I consider blockage a very integral part of the writing process, perhaps necessary on some deep level. I also feel it is a sign that a journey of some kind is required. A long walk someplace you never walked to experience things you never experienced. It's a reboot period, a period of purging, of refreshing, of feeding. In this respect, sticking to the familiar may not improve the situation much. I am not saying the staring off into space is useless. It definitely has a lot of merit. However, if it comes to the point that this is not helping you, perhaps a walkabout is needed to give your brain something new to work with. It is like a 3 number combination. There is only so much you can extract. But add just one number and a whole new world of possibilities opens up. I wish you luck in overcoming it. One thing for sure, though... forcing it will only make it worse. But you probably already know this ;).
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