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There are always other options. The one I would prefer in this case is not fighting at all. Neither no nor your children are likely to win a fight based on belief instead of fact. Any attempt to fight against it will further entrench the other side and it is likely that they will react negatively. This could cause pain to your children and could teach them poor lessons moving forward. Personally, I would recommend taking this opportunity to teach your kids how to recognize the bias in others, have a discussion on how these different biases might impact wikipedia, look at some controversial issues on wikipedia revisions and talk sections and start discussing ways to interact with people who might have biases counter to your own. (Hint: fact-based confrontational approaches often feel great but are seldom effective.) This would be a way to fight the war while avoiding this particular battle.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2010 on Rant at Christian Renaud's Blog