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"Then we just shouldn't invest in characters at all. Tomorrow, Tea could be revealed as an alien. Todd might be revealed as a zombie. Not that it would be a huge departure from the story as it is..." OK, do you realize you are comparing characters that have been established for YEARS vs. WEEKS? Do you not see the difference here? This isn't a case of a character being consistently portrayed a certain way for years and had the layers of their character explored. This is for all intents and purposes a blank character who has been on for a total of a few months. We know nothing about him. People decided to ignore the signs and jump to the conclusion that Ross' facade of being the cool, laid back, wouldn't harm a fly surfer guy was the real deal. You got duped. It happens, just like in real life. But to sit up here and claim it is impossible is foolish. People capable of great violence don't always have to come across as evil incarnate. Sometimes they are looked upon in their communities as the kindest, gentlest human beings only to turn out to be complete monsters. (Not saying Ross is a monster, btw) It frightens me a bit that people are struggling with fathoming this.
Nope, sorry. While I will admit it is not preferable to SORAS out of order like this, it is not unheard of and I for one am not going to get my panties into a bunch over it. Personally, I adore the idea of a TnT child. Finally, Todd will have a child with a woman I actually like. Finally, Todd will have a family I can actually give a damn about. Finally, I don't have to bring out a bucket every time Blair throws out her infamous mother of Todd's keeeeeedzzzzz line. There have been a lot of outrageous and impossible things to happen not only on this show but in daytime in general. Blair was once Asian (and I preferred her that way). Her asian heritage was actually referred to and part of why she had some of the issues she did. I thought it was commendable for OLTL to have such diversity and then they threw that away to make Blair your run of the mill blondie. And though people joke about it, people rolled with it. That is what I intend to do here. Roll with it. As far as Ross not seeming to be as harmless as he appeared...Yes. Things are not always as they appear in life, are they? How many times have we heard stories about neighborhood heroes beating the crap out of their spouses and no one ever suspecting a thing? Ross wasn't on all that long during SISP and has only been on for a few months this year and now you think you know what he is capable of? NO. You don't really know anything about him. Nothing at all, unless you count the neon flashing lights to proceed with caution that have been flashing from the first moment his name was mentioned this year. All I am going to say is this, please don't approach real life the way you have approached Ross. You will end up having your body parts heated up in the microwave for some psycho's dinner. I don't see Tea as a creepy mother but you know what does strike me as creepy? Blair being Blair and using lies to get him to sleep with her all the while rubbing her hands and smirking with that creepy as hell grin she gets. Now THAT is creepy. But no one can claim Blair is being written out of character. This is who she is. And finally, love Dani and the actress who plays her.