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You probably think it’s clever, but this post is incomprehensible – not merely due to its poor organization and hierarchical grouping but because who the hell knows why those two pictures are funny? There’s also too much of an in-crowd effect happening here in that you never actually tell us who “Bridle” is. A skill-testing question? Why can’t you write, and properly mark up in HTML, a posting that can be understood? You should put less emphasis on being in on whatever joke you think you’re telling but aren’t.
Dude, can you stop complaining about how My New Mac Isn’t My Old Windows Shitbox? Unless you chose otherwise, pictures you import are in your Pictures folder. Where you’d expect them, in other words. Stop assuming things are gonna be difficult. They were before. They aren’t anymore. iPhoto is perfectly competent at resizing your photos (though, for large-scale work, the mature and inexpensive GraphicConverter is advantageous).
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