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I was felt he was unfairly overlooked for a call up for the NATS. He may not have been the player he is now prior to be called up by Honduras, but he has always shown toughness with great feet along with creativity that could have helped the US. Glad to see he is getting recognized.
I haven't posted on this site for a while, but had to after reading your take ong LD. Very well said GW!
The article mentioned there are "other things" but the manager would not elaborate. Definitely in the dog house, but that is life. He'll get it together.
I see where you are getting at, but I don't see a player in our pool that can play this position. MAYBE Torres and better yet Holden. Donovan plays that role in their offense but is not the classic "10". Beyond that, who else? And please don't mention Adu. He likes to float out to the flanks, mainly right, and seems more comfortable as a forward behind a target man.
I think Rimando would even agree with you by the way he was grinning after the 3rd goal.
I like Torres, but I agree. Torres still has time to develop though.
Initially I thought Hernandez took a dive, but the replay showed it was a nasty tackle. I was surprised he did not break his leg.
I totally agree with you. He is far from a finished product, but I think he would make a great addition to the UNMNT. But like I've said in the past, if your heart is not in it, then why force it. For better or worse, we have to work with those who want to be part of the team and not convinced.
He has really impressed me. At the very least, he deserves to be called in for the January camp.
In the first half with little pressure he showed very well. In the second half, with CR changing tactics and doubling Torres each time he had the ball, he buckled a little, but the U.S. really had no one else to play off of him. There was no support play when he had the ball. Adding a Holden (if they had him) would have offset some of the pressure. But there is really no other U.S. player (on this roster) that can ease some of the pressure on Torres when teams key on him. I thought Torres showed very well and is looking more comfortable each time he plays.
Nice to see a "superstar" not take interviews like this too serious. Good job Jozy.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2011 on Must-See Interview: Jozy Altidore at Soccer By Ives
I would rather see improvements in play over a win for these two games. Can they hold it defensively if they play more attacking? Can they show some purposeful possession? Obviously they are a way off from Spanish style possession, but if they are up in the closing minutes, can they close the deal with one touch passing? How does the movement off the ball look like? These are the areas I would like to see improvement in over a win. I believe these improvements lead to wins down the road.
I'm amazed that Parkhurst still doesn't get any respect.
Yeah, it's sad to think that his timing may be off (age wise)considering how well he is playing...@ 29. I still think he would be fine for 2014.
Brad Davis anyone?
Let me are about twelve and incapable of having an adult conversation.Please get over yourself.I have no issue being called out by a fan, but you know what, I can own up to it.Please take your delisional self to Big Soccer where all the trolls like you live.
Well, sometimes the fan in me speaks before thinking.I begrudgingly agree that I may have been a wee over is a Mexico....where MLS teams are 0-49-5...and where the USMNT has never won.I get it.
I hear what you are saying.I just expected more from FCD considering Pumas A) were not taking it serious and B) started a very young team.But you are right, a win is a win and hopefully MLS bashers can drop this from their list of why the MLS sucks.
I don’t disagree that MLS is getting better, but FC Dallas benefited by playing a young team whose timing was a little off. For all those who are clamoring for George John and to a lesser extent Ihemalu, this game showed their limitations with teams that have good and dynamic offensive players. They were caught flat footed a number of times and were fortunate with many off-side calls. Dallas did show well, but I honestly expected more from them considering the selection of Pumas. Shea and Chavez really showed well.
Yeah I know, but when have they ever been exciting? Although the Union have three more points then Chivas, IMO they are just more fun to watch and Freddy will just add to that.
That was funny!
Or maybe he would only play for Chivas for DP money but less to play with Union and Nowak. In it's two years in existence, the Union have much more going for it then Chivas USA has ever had. Sorry Chivas fans.
+1 This is a great move for Adu, Phili, and MLS! This coming from a Dynamo fan.
I really don't think FSC needs MLS. I'm sure the ratings were low and their bid reflected this. While I'm happy that the MLS will get some short term $$$, I'm unsure if this is good in the long term. That said, FSC will continue to short change MLS coverage on their Fox Soccer Report and may marginalize it even more. Just reading body language, you could see Bobby McMahon’s face just cringe when he had to analyze the prior weekends MLS action. For me personally, that gets old. I get it, the MLS is nowhere near the level of the top leagues, but it’s our game. Why the need to rub it in our face?
I just wish he had quicker feet.