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If you have a receiver that has trouble getting off the line in bump/run coverage, why don't you do something crazy like putting him in motion? How about a bunch formation? Or,if you can get away with it, try some sort of "legal" pick type play? Run Bess/Cam/Hart underneath. I think NE does this with Welker and Moss every now and then with success. Run play action and send Ginn on a fly pattern. The Play action should draw up the LB's a bit, the FS might shift over to Ginn's side. Do you think this might get Turner off the line and open some space over the middle? The only problem is that none of this will make any of these WR's actually be able to catch the ball. This not rocket science. These guys came up with the "WildCat" and they can't figure out how to get a 6'5"WR out in to a little space?
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