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Yes! I listened to Chuck's show when I was growing up in Chicagoland (70s and 80s). Come to think of it, it might be his fault I ended up an Audio Archivist. Hmmmm...
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Neat-o coolio. I gleefully chipped in five bucks. $2 for me and $2 for someone else who downloaded w/o paying. Plus $1 for a post you wrote over ten years ago. I was googling to find a schedule for my favorite local Talking Heads cover band, Houses in Motion. Instead I found this .
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Jan 18, 2011
Oh. Mah. Gawd. If your geektastic teenage years happen to be over-photographed and public, I think the best you can hope for is a partner like the awesomely awesome Mrs. Wheaton. Win!
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Dec 17, 2010
Worth the wait, fer sure. Thanks, Wil! I went googling to uncover a picture of Zoltar The Fortune Teller and found this neat-o coolio necklace on Etsy that holds parchment paper fortunes inside. Thanks for sending me down that delightful rabbit hole...
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More RFB, w00t! I love this new goal of yours...especially since we all benefit when you share. I adored this last line from a few days ago: "Twenty-two year-old me turned up Chet Baker on the CD player, and sighed wistfully. He didn't have any idea that in less than a year, he would meet the girl of his dreams." More, please!! :)
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My hometown had an old hardware store that also doubled as the town's toy store and 5 + Dime. Not only can I remember how it smelled, I remember the sound the wood floors made when you walked on them.
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Amy, I find your writing both lucid and lovely and the opposite of "stupid." Thanks for having the courage to post it and leave it up. Let your geek flag fly, sister!
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Of all the cool jobs you have, I think DJ/Audio Curator is the awesomest. Merry New Year!
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"In addition to its state security and police functions, however, some of its departments handled other matters, such as firefighting, border guards, and archives." Maintaining the state archives. That seems like a perfectly logical role for the secret police, don'cha think?
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My dad brought back one of these from Asia in the early 1980s, when I was in high school. It was the exact game shown in the picture, which involved moving the juggler left and right to catch falling balls. Egad, I wasted *HOURS* playing that game! Haven't thought of it in years...
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Without a deadline my writing would never be finished. Ever. My "process" seems to involve endlessly nitpicking about not just word choice, but also the amount of white space. Like you, I find that every new task I add means something goes undone. Like laundry. Dishes. Grocery shopping. Fortunately not bathing, since I have a day job and must keep up appearances. Thank goodness for small favors, eh?
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