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An effervescent rallying cry and excellent pep talk. Something I got excited about this year made other people make things (the Desert Bus for Hope Craftalong -- hopefully this will grow into bigger and better next-year experience (and also make LRR suffer more. Delicious, delicious schadenfreude. For the children!) Cross-fertilization between your recent writing on creativity and Warren Ellis's has definitely given me the impetus to pick up long-languishing ideas, and to keep slogging away at the ink mines for a longer-format project (I won't "Win" NaNoWriMo, but I will finish this) while also taking seriously the new, improbable things that have begun to well up. It's as if the excercised creativity is clearing out stuck buffers, and the flow's a lot greater than it was before. Am I still priming the pump? Quite possibly, but it'll be interesting to see what the next several months of musing bring me clenched in their sharp, pearly teeth. Thank you, Wil, for doing what you do.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2009 on Get Excited and Make Things! at WWdN: In Exile
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Synchronicity rocks. I've just checked out MotF from the library, planning it as decompression/post-writing reward reading. I now also look forward to the meta meta meta levels of reading and reflection with the blog and your response. And speaking vaguely of Trek, I don't know where better to ask this: I am in the possession of some Trek memorabilia I'd like to donate to Desert Bus for Hope. In the meta spirit, would you be willing to re-sign something from back in the day?
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