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Hoo brother. This makes me want to find out all of those artists governed by JASRACket and start randomly tweeting their lyrics. Wonder if the artists would have a problem with that. There's gonna be a helluva court battle over this, I bet.
David, Thanks for taking the time to respond, and I appreciate the title modification. Sure, maybe the term "ads" is a bit of a semantics debate, and I understand your point there. But isn't the term "unobtrusive" subjective to a certain extent? And if so, wouldn't the only way to ensure that a call to action remains unobtrusive be to keep it out of the video entirely? I agree that the way you've used overlay buttons is better than most. But overlay buttons come with their own set of "Old Rules" drawbacks, which are too numerous to list here. I've posted some of my thoughts on -- I invite you and my fellow W.I.N. readers to read and join in the debate.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2009 on Online video as lead generation at Web Ink Now
You know, David, I'm surprised a bit by your endorsement here. Overlay ads are interruptive by nature, aren't they? Isn't that exactly the kind of thing we New Rulesians are against? For the record -- and at the risk of being dubbed a shameless self-promoter -- there is a better technology out there, and it has existed for more than three years. It allows users to generate leads with video without overlays, registration forms, or really anything more than a click of the "Play" arrow. Lead gen with video, WITHOUT interruption. Don't get me wrong - VisibleGains is a really cool product. I'm just surprised by the plug, that's all. (And for those who would like to learn more, don't clog up this board -- DM me @mattatflimp.)
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on Online video as lead generation at Web Ink Now