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the new rule or law should provide for indictment of Medicare official for their "stupidity" which permits that Medicare pay millions of fraudulent bills !
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2011 on Medicare fraud bill reintroduced at Naked Politics
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I would still buy a Toyota...even though has problems is a much better car thatn any american car.
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2010 on Would you buy a Toyota? at All Business
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I attended the BMI music showcase and was a bad show; lack of talent...
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Another important point is that musicians attending the MMF are not been paid, can not have guests, the people in-charge are not paying for music check (that is probably why the sound was so bad). However, someone is making money along the way. Let's cut the BS that major record executives are attending the shows (that's the catch).
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The Billboards Award are not about good music. It is about who pays more money to have their music played. It is well known that "payola" is very common in the latin market. It is time that Telemundo stop this practice. For me , the Billboard, Premios Lo Nuestro and Juventud (Univision farce) are the same. The Latin Grammys are not so far off.
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