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Thanks for publishing the video! I knew while doing it would look too emotional/melodramatic at times but that was kind of inevitable considering the idea of a tribute. As for the over attachment to a basketball player I don't know if it's really that weird or lame. Just though it would be legitimate to pay some tribute and say thank you to a player we followed for years, it's time to move on now that he is gone but it doesn't mean we can't pay him respect.
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More infos here : Basically Sacramento is doing all it can to get rid of Nocioni and Boston is hesitant to take his huge contract which would hurt their financial flexibility for the future. But if the deal is done, you can say goodbye to the following players : "But the full deal as it stands, if it eventually gets that far, would send Nocioni to Boston, Kenny Thomas, Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine to Philadelphia and Dalembert and J.R. Giddens to Sacramento. "
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It has nothing to do with this news but I just saw this rumor about Nocioni to Boston and thought I would pass it along. From Marc Stein's Twitter : @STEIN_LINE_HQ Where do we turn next for our NBA trade chatter now that Stephen Jackson has been moved. We're hearing of a potential new three-way deal 39 minutes ago And this part : @STEIN_LINE_HQ Word is this is an exploratory discussion at the minute, but the key elements would be Nocioni to BOS, Dalembert to SAC, Cap Relief to PHI 36 minutes
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