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I recently came to the realization that I was actual a more mature person when I was 22 than I am now. I'm not sure why but I feel sad about that. Perhaps because I was more willing to take risks and really feel what I was experiencing. I hope that you went easy on your younger self :)
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Sounds absolutely divine :) Loved ones, pets and humans + coffee equals bliss. I work in a construction camp in the woods of Northern Alberta so I woke up at 04:30 to a dark, -26C morning. No pets allowed :'( Your story makes me happy and is a reminder that home is the best place in the world to be.
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As a fellow geek that enjoys sharing in your geekery and hijinks, I do have a question; do you ever participate in things or conventions that Anne enjoys like hair shows (she's a hairdresser right?) Do you have weekends that instead of being filled up with pop-geek wonders such as PAX, are filled up with adventures that Anne likes to do?
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Interesting you mentioned TNG. I was downloading Big Bang Theory on iTunes and the description for the Creepy Candy Coating Corollary is "While Sheldon settles a score with his nemesis, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wil Wheaton..." Although I grew up watching TNG, and you're only a few years older than me but I relate to you as a geek and a blogger first. Your writings, geek antics and different characters on TV just seem to make you more a whole person in a creative sense.
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