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Thanks for this Wil! Already got the pdf and will peruse this during an MMO-grind, then craft up a brief critique during same free time later in the day. I will say that your synopsis of the work has me VERY INTERESTED! Thanks for this tip! (I love living in the future - someone a continent away makes a reading suggestion, and I can GET A READABLE COPY of the work in question BEFORE I've even finished reading the recommender's missive! ^_^) Oh, and Pete? No - MEGAUPLOAD has the same options as RapidShare: immediate d/l for a 'premium account', or wait about a minute (I had 45sec - maybe load related) to d/l for free. Heh, and I've got the "Online Casino - Get $/..." pop-under on my taskbar, too! :)
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I'm totally on this - already d/l'ed the pdf and will peruse it while I mmo-grind, then spend my down time on a brief critique. I WILL say that your quick synopsis has me VERY interested! Thanks for the scoop, man! (I love living in the future - someone 3000mi away makes a book suggestion and I HAVE a readable copy before I've finished reading the recommender's missive!) Oh, and Pete? No, MEGAUPLOAD has the same options - immediate with a premium account, or wait about a min (I myself has 45sec) to d/l for free.
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