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Travelling, cooking and capturing everyday life in London
Interests: Travelling, cooking, cinema, hiking, books and psychology
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.... one year and two months if I am more precise. What has happened? Have I forgotten about my blog? Why such a long break? Life happened.....basically, my life took over. I started a new job in September, continued in my psychology degree studies, took some time to myself and rediscovered my forgotten dreams and passions. Even through I wasn't posting and actively updating my blog, I still followed and read my favourite blogs. And of course I discovered and felt in love with Pinterest where I am actively pinning - please feel free to come and have a look.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2014 at The September Diaries
I’ve heard about this place from a good friend of mine. So last week on Tuesday, I decided to have a day out from London and I visited this gorgeous place in Surrey. Located in near Banstead which is only 15 minutes drive from London, this organic farm is easily accessible and free for public. I absolutely love this place. Once you enter the farm, you will see beautiful lavender fields. It is so breath-taking and I can guarantee that you will be literally blown away. You can then wander through the lavender field, relax, enjoy the view and take... Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2013 at The September Diaries
Here is my long promised post about my one day trip to Bruges. So, when I went to spend Easter in Brussels, I kind of wanted to go more further outside of Brussels and explore different parts of Belgium. I heard a lots of good praise on Bruges, so at the end it was my obvious choice. I went there on Easter Monday, which also happened to be the best day for a trip away. It has turn out to be excellent day. The weather was nice and sunny. And I felt inspired once again. At the beginning I didn't... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2013 at The September Diaries
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May 25, 2013
Nice picture, made me smile.
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Apr 29, 2013
This year I have decided to get away for Easter. Just because I liked it in Brussels last year in September, I thought it would be good to come back and see what Brussels has to offer during the Easter time. I booked my trip via Eurostar. I find it easier to book a trip through them as you can find quite reasonable deals there. I stayed in Bloom Hotel again as the last time. This time my room had a bit different decor – more dramatic look I would say. Still, my room was very comfortable as always. I... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2013 at The September Diaries
One of my new years resolutions is to visit country or place I have never been before. I’ve been following this resolution for years now. This year I have decided to go to Scandinavia again. I have been to Denmark in 2008 and I sort of liked this Scandinavian feel. So this year I visited Stockholm exactly two weeks ago, more precisely between 8th and 11th February 2013. Why Stockholm? Well, first of all I've read lots of nice blog posts about Stockholm and 2nd of all I found a good flight deal on So, it was decided, this... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2013 at The September Diaries
I love this quote. It is one of my faviourite.
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2013 on Sunday Quote at Janet's House
Happy New Year!!!!! I know I know, it does not feel an actual to say Happy New Year anymore. It is almost end of January already and this post is way behind. But hey ho, better to wish you Happy New Year later than never. I hope you all had a good start to 2013. I think my start to 2013 went quite well. I think it will be good year and I have really high hopes for 2013. To be honest, 2012 was quite difficult year not even for myself but for most of people I know. All of... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2013 at The September Diaries
Heavy snow has been falling this weekend. That doesn't happen that often in London. And if it does, the snow disappears very quickly. This time it hasn't been a case and it has been snowing since Friday. London has suddenly transformed into beautiful romantic city. Here is just a small glimpse into our garden magically transformed into fairy winter garden. Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2013 at The September Diaries
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Jan 1, 2013
This Christmas I am spending with my family in Slovakia. Before I came home, I have decided to give myself a small, I call it recovery break, from the stressful month I had (all work related) and stay couple of days in Vienna. I usually get my flights from London to Vienna and then from there I travel to Slovakia. I never really had time to stay in Vienna and explore it properly. Every time I am rushing from or to the airport. Anyway, so this time I have told myself to stay and concentrate on festive cheer in Vienna.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2012 at The September Diaries
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Dec 26, 2012
Last weekend on Saturday, I have visited Paris for the first time in my life. I always wanted to see Paris. It was my dream since I was about fourteen years old. It was a one day trip organised by my Casual Foodie Club. It was a wonderful day. As I expected I knew I would enjoy Paris a lot. We took Eurostar from London St Pancras International at 9am and we arrived to Paris just before 12 o'clock. Then we took Metro to the part called Cite, where I saw Notre Dame. We have organised a free tour around... Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2012 at The September Diaries
Downton Abbey is one of my favourite series. I think this was great idea. Love the photoshoot!
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2012 on Downton Style at Blythe Ponytail Parades
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Oct 27, 2012
This morning I have received a delivery from, an online service that takes care of your healthy snacking. I came across with through one of the advertisements in the female magazine. Firstly, I looked into their website (, their offer was rather too good and I couldn't resist the temptation of giving it a try. And here is the result. This neat box came through my post box. I didn't know what will be inside. When I carefully opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. There was a handy booklet introducing the company a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 21, 2012 at The September Diaries
Wow, September went fast. My previous post was about my recent trip to Brussels. What I have really enjoyed about my trip in Brussels was eating out. In this post I will tell you more about the food I have tried and about the small charming places with delicious food I found whilst exploring the street of Brussels. When you are visiting Brussels, one of the essentials is to try their national dish – mussels and chips. I did that on my first day while I was walking around The Grande Place. I could see plenty of restaurants offering mussels... Continue reading
Posted Oct 10, 2012 at The September Diaries
Ingredients: 400g medium sized potatoes, peeled 1 shallot, peeled and chopped 4 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped 2cm piece ginger, peeled and chopped olive oil 1 tsp. paprika 1 tsp. ground coriander 400g tinned tomatoes 400g tinned chickpeas 100g washed spinach bunch of flat parsley salt and pepper for seasoning Method: Put the potatoes in a saucepan with salt and cook for 15 minutes. Put the onions, garlic and ginger in blender with three tablespoons of water and puree.Put the oil in a large pan and add the puree. Cook, stirring well, on a medium heat for 6 minutes. Add... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2012 at The September Diaries
Last Saturday I visited Princes Charles cinema in London. The movie I saw was Take this Waltz. I really wanted to see this movie, not only because of the cast (I am a huge fan of Michelle Williams) but also for the inside story and a very good reviews. The story is about 28 years old Margo, a freelance journalist, who is married to Lou, a huggable husband. The story is set in suburban part of Toronto. Margo and Lou have been married for 5 years. Their marriage seems to be comfortable, sometimes even dull. The movie begins with Margo... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2012 at The September Diaries
I spent the last weekend in Brussels. I’ve planned to visit Brussels for a long time. So, I took Eurostar from London St Pancras on Friday morning and in about two hours I was in Brussels Midi. I stayed in Bloom Hotel situated near Botanique. I loved my unique decor of my room. My first impressions of Brussels were really good. I really liked it here. I loved the quirkiness of the city, the architecture and its elegance. The weather was really nice too, no rain. I was very lucky. Every day was amazing and I enjoyed my trip as... Continue reading
Posted Sep 23, 2012 at The September Diaries
Oh, I just love this photoshoot. So refreshing and beautiful!
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Aug 18, 2012
Last Sunday, when I arrived from Vienna to London Heathrow, I landed together with Japanese Olympic Team. This is when I started to feel the Olympic fever and this is when I have realised that Olympics will start in a less then a week. The atmosphere in Heathrow was very sweet, you could feel the upcoming excitement about the games. I have checked out and left just shortly before the Japanese Team. Now I wish I have stayed a little bit longer to see their welcoming to London. I have found this short video on YouTube which capture the whole... Continue reading
Posted Jul 28, 2012 at The September Diaries