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cape cod
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remember those ed emberley drawing books i typed about? i had no idea that he made children's books as well! i found this great alphabet book while looking through a huge box of hardcovers. it was published in 1978:: quilting quails! i love it. also at the same barn sale i found a vintage leather wallet and some antique spoons:: teeny, tiny tea party spoons. i need to go yard saling more often. Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at elliemoon
thanks beth!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2014 on PANDA BEARS AND BUTTERFLIES at elliemoon
bread baking and sock knitting. my annual intro to hibernation:: i don't know about you, but i have been loving these shorter days. daylight savings hit and things just seemed to slow right down. dusk at 4:30ish? perfect. lets start an early dinner to warm up the kitchen and then straight to bed for snuggling up, reading and relaxing. the winter blankets have been washed and reinstated and we're rolling through our roald dahl collection. what could be better? Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2014 at elliemoon
ellie is five, it's official:: those panda cupcakes, in honor of her ongoing panda obsession, will be the last birthday treat made for a preschool celebration. that's it. no more preschool birthdays. not sure how that is possible but there it is. time flies and ellie couldn't be happier. she is very excited to be five. happy, happy birthday ellie lu! Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2014 at elliemoon
my colorful hexipuff yarn stash is gone. it's all bagged up in the form of completed puffs. very satisfying. i even had to start another storage bag. i am 99% sure that i have passed the half-way point, but i'm not stopping to count. i need to just keep knitting, straight ahead to the neutrals. they are the last remaining hand painted and tonal skeins that i ordered from knit picks:: the pearlescent is my favorite. i'll have to order a couple more skeins of it and make something special. my picture didn't really capture it. in person it makes... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2014 at elliemoon
hi aleesa! the step by step instructions are in the book that i mentioned in the post. in the first paragraph above the photo's, the words "this new book" are a link. click there and it will take you right to the book. hope that helps. this was so fun to make and really not that difficult! :)
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2014 on THE ANATOMY OF A SKATEBOARD at elliemoon
these are so tasty, you won't regret adding them to the garden! :)
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2014 on DELICATA at elliemoon
those both sound delicious. i've got to try it with the almond milk before all the fresh fruit is gone!
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2014 on CH-CH-CH-CHIA PUDDING at elliemoon
thanks beth :)
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2014 on MONOGRAM COMPLETED at elliemoon
hi! and thank you! these were all made with regular quilting fabric. i can't say they are the best for sopping up a huge water spill at the table, but they work just fine for eating and the usual mouth wiping ;)
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2014 on WHEN IN DOUBT, MAKE NAPKINS at elliemoon
if you have never tried a delicata squash, i urge you to do so. the flavor is subtle and sweet and so very delicious. we grew some this year (in the new squash pit) and our four little plants took off running, literally:: bake at 400 degrees for about a half hour. as soon as they feel nice and soft when squeezed, they are done. be sure to keep an eye on the water in your pan. once scorched, twice shy. then just a little butter, some flaky salt and a spoon. i was never a squash lover. at all.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2014 at elliemoon
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2014 on MONOGRAM COMPLETED at elliemoon
it's already hanging, just like that, right in the hoop :)
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2014 on MONOGRAM COMPLETED at elliemoon
all stitched up:: worked on a five inch hoop, this really is the perfect little project for beginning embroidery. i'm so glad i had the chance to take that class at purl. such a great introduction. i already have all of the supplies to make one for each of the girls for christmas. i've even stained the hoops. now all i need to do is find the time to do it. waiting for these busy, busy back-to-school days to start settling into a flow. any day now, right? Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2014 at elliemoon
have you tried making chia pudding? did you know it's a thing? turns out it's a thing. and it's a very good thing. of course, my first time trying it, i used whole milk and cream, but i have a feeling the healthier alternatives (like almond milk) would be just as satisfying. i'm going to test that theory very soon. here is a great recipe that i found via pinterest. it's strawberry rhubarb chia pudding:: how can you go wrong with two scoops of macerated strawberries on top? you can't. six thumbs up! everyone loved it. i wasn't sure how... Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2014 at elliemoon
i miss you!
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2014 on STAR STITCH TOTE at elliemoon
thanks beth!
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2014 on STAR STITCH TOTE at elliemoon
it's time again for bringing it all in, for putting up what's to be stored and for enjoying the rest. we extended our growing area this season, so the pickings just keep rolling in. we added a potato patch, a squash pit and a separate tomato sight. we grew heirlooms, purple cherries, green zebra's and lots of beefsteaks. we trellised japanese cukes, pickling cukes and three different varieties of beans. we tried out brussels sprouts, bok choy, garlic and even quinoa. not to mention all of the staples. it was a busy summer in the garden. and, as usual at... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2014 at elliemoon
it is finished! and look, little hands helping to tie in the ends. indy begged to do this. yes, a child that asks to learn finishing and then begs to tie in your ends. it is a christmas miracle. if she keeps this up, i just might finish more projects around here:: the star stitch tote is a unique pattern. you can find it free right here. my version yielded a larger bag. i did decide to do that extra row in the body and i believe my gauge may have been off. i never checked it to begin with.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2014 at elliemoon
the love remains, even after the fluff-ball stage. everyone spends ample time hanging out by the run. it's the new place to be. breed list: 2 speckled sussex, 2 buff orpington, 2 araucana, 1 cuckoo maran and 1 pearl white leghorn. they are, thankfully, out of the bathroom and living the good life in a spacious coop. a coop that is just about there. more news on that to come. happy long weekend! Continue reading
Posted Aug 29, 2014 at elliemoon
just a couple of lavender laboring pillows:: i have a couple more that i need to make and then the leftover lavender is going toward something special. something to help achieve maximum relaxation. maximum relaxation? yes, i'll take some of that. think i'll get started straight away. Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2014 at elliemoon
hi! i emailed you the link :)
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2014 on NO KNEAD, DUTCH OVEN ARTISAN BREAD at elliemoon
early on in the spring, big b made us a beautiful strawberry cage. it is a complete cage, buried in about 10 inches of soil. i found some amazing heirloom alpine strawberry seeds and heirloom pineapple strawberry seeds and started them out inside. the pineapple strawberries will be yellow when ripe. we're hoping to see some next season. i also purchased one plant from our favorite garden shop that would give us fruit this summer:: it's filling in nicely. and the variety i purchased has been producing fruit all summer long. sometimes doubled:: and sometimes heart-shaped. nice touch, mother nature::... Continue reading
Posted Aug 19, 2014 at elliemoon
thanks to the recent super moon, there have been some just-as-super tides down at the harbor. tide pools at sunset, my favorite:: we walked and walked and the tide just seemed to keep going. we found creatures we don't usually see and didn't leave until after the sun was down. just before the mosquitoes moved in and right at the turn of the tide. perfect august evening. Continue reading
Posted Aug 18, 2014 at elliemoon
i love that owl cap! unfortunately there is no pattern that i know of. but i will keep looking and update this post if she ever does publish the pattern for this hat.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2014 on HELEN RODEL at elliemoon