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simple scrapbooker, wabi-sabi traveller
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I love that delicate painted effect - very nice! You seem to have mastered the challenge of the ombre pads very here. I like that pink shading into apricot/peach tones especially. Cheering when there's so much snow around! We have more forecast from tonight and I am not looking forward to the struggle to get to work tomorrow. So sorry to hear that Tracey is poorly and hoping he is better very soon.
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2018 on Time Out Challenge: Thankful at random reflections
How great that you kept the photos of him when he was little - and isn't it fascinating that he liked his dad's ties? I'm always intrigued by these flashes of individual taste in little ones ... May he have many more happy birthdays and a loving aunt to celebrate with!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2018 on Today, he's 51! at Morning Glory Studio
That's a splendid vase of flowers - so vibrant and cheerful :). What balmy temperatures; we're languishing around 38F at best. Glad you had a delicious 'little something' to enjoy with friends today.
Both look lovely! We would struggle to find pumpkin spice here, and I have not seen Vryon Mums before - aren't they pretty? Hoping you are happily off on your adventure ...
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2017 on variety is spice... at Morning Glory Studio
Such pretty notebooks! Did they come like that or have you decorated them? A lovely autumn day, a nice café, interesting music and an observed encounter that warms the heart - sounds just about perfect to me. I will, as always, be very interested in how those notebooks work out ...
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2017 on the joys of today... at Morning Glory Studio
I am in awe of your talent, Karen ... Each of them is lovely. I like your whale shadow! And number 37 is very intricate. Your stamina and determination paid off, and it must be so satisfying to look at your collection of 100.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2017 on #The100DayProject at random reflections
What a beautiful, tranquil-looking home you have ... Clearly very well looked after, and how nice to have such good support for the heavy landscaping bits (though I have no idea what a 'glider' is). I have often admired hydrangeas - my Mum loved them - but find it difficult to get them to bloom reliably.
Really zingy colours - great for a grey rainy day? I like the white on white background with the frames too.
So classy and elegant yet wonderfully modern at the same time! I love that die ... You are very very inventive and everything has space to breathe.
A book festival sounds right up my street. Looks as if there'll be authors to hear, things to see and do ... I do wish I lived in a city sometimes! (And yours is beautiful). That's a great watercolour, and I am most impressed at your knitting skills. A giraffe sounds like a lot of work!
I like that phrase of your commentator above: 'late summer ennui'. I often find August a tiring month, especially around the second to third week. The greens of nature are no longer so fresh, our temperatures are all over the place and you don't know whether to be dressed for summer or autumn, everything looks and feels a bit tired ... I like your Mum's idea! Me? I make a list of four or five things I know I will be glad to have out of the way, and give them five minutes each in rotation till they're done.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2017 on around here... at Morning Glory Studio
Your tea correspondent has beautiful writing ... Raspberry cream pie sounds an amazing flavour. Hoping you are able to keep your feet up and enjoy them as you recover. I was wondering if you would see much of the eclipse. My DS was on his way to Denver by plane, but didn't catch it - he was most disappointed ...
Oh my goodness, I am so glad you didn't break anything, Honoré. When I read the bit about falling onto an outsretched arm, I felt my stomach muscles brace for a split second for what I feared might come next. Sorry to hear about the bruising - it can take ages to go, and days to reach its worst before it gets better. I hope Norman is looking after you very well indeed :).
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2017 on "oops! she took a tumble"... at Morning Glory Studio
Sounds (and looks) as if you feel the next season is arriving earlier than usual? Here too ... That's an interesting August ahead - the eclipse will be very exciting! I smiled at your No.1. Our Parliament is also on leave, though with a national crisis the size of ours and the clock ticking they should all have been made to work through this year, I think!
Good thinking to have something to entertain you just in case. (My DD will only buy a handbag is it's big enough to hold a paperback book.) Yes, that sky looks ominous. At least your rain seems to come, but then go. Ours arrives and hangs around for days ...
'Persist' is such a great word for a weekly theme, and I know few people who have shown more persistence than you on the daily blogging front! Your BUJO sounds wonderful. I have tried several times, but keep not managing to get a regular structure going/drawn each week.I like having a pre-determined space to fill and am experimenting with a journal I've downloaded and printed out. It's not ideal so I think I will end up designing my own for next year ...
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2017 on collecting July 2017 at Morning Glory Studio
My goodness, you have a totally splendid collection here! I especially like your items in wood, though the clock fan is a visual curiosity too.You have done well to find so many ...
Many warm congratulations to you both! I have always loved seeing photos of you and Tracey - your caring and companionship just shines through. This is indeed to perfect card :).
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2017 on Happy Anniversary at random reflections
A very timely reminder to make sure we enjoy the beauty around us ... I don't often buy flowers for inside, I have to say - more of a treat, but when I do, I always appreciate them. My Mum could do wonders with a few cut flowers and some hedgerow greenery. Your watercolour really brings out the qualities of those alstroemerias.
Oh, I am so thrilled! Yeay! What stars you all are ... I hope there have been celebrations and joy - I will be toasting you this evening!
Toggle Commented May 4, 2017 on and the winners are... at Morning Glory Studio
Another very fine quilt ... I hope you win the raffle :). And a great accomplishment to keep posting so regularly and interestingly (is that a word?). I always love popping in here!
What a splendid mosaic! How terrific to see you in front of your own - though we could do with a nice big solo photo! (You are too midest in adding yourself onto the bottom). Sending warmest congratulations :).
Toggle Commented May 4, 2017 on Quilts, Glorious Quilts... at Morning Glory Studio
You are doing well on the organisational front, Honoré :). Looking forward to your Week In The Life - I'm not doing one this year, as I can barely keep up with living everday life as it happens, let alone record it. That's a very pretty clutch of eggs you have there. Our acers are only just beginning to unfurl one or two leaves here ...
Sending you warmest good wishes for happy days for you both! You've cheered up my evening with such prettily coloured photos ...
Oh gosh, that sounds hard ... I've downsized my scrapbooking stuff several times and part of me would love to give everything away apart from plain white paper and colouring pencils! Is there a day-care hospice or project for older people in a care home, for example, where people might be making memory books etc.? Wishing you every success with it all.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2017 on What To Do With Unwanted Stuff at Odds and Ends