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Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Michael T. "Mick" Maurer is a crisis management expert prepared to train individuals to be resilient for themselves, their families and their businesses in New York and throughout the world in response to all hazards which include terrorism and other potential manmade/systemic/natural disasters.
Recent Activity
In Economics of Hazards & Disasters covering Sectors/Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) then in Intro to Emergency Management covering Collaborating with the Private Sector at MCNY on Saturday Continue reading
tonight at MCNY covering Fostering Successful Emergency Planning and Exercise Fundamentals Continue reading
Friday look for me on CBS News, interviewed as a piece to go with the new unemployment will go national and international, they could not give a time as each station will decide to use or not broadcast. They taped me for 30 minutes but will use only a... Continue reading
covering Part 2 of Developmental Theorists this evening at NYU Continue reading
My sixth class starts tomorrow at MCNY, filling in for a professor out for rest of the semester, now teaching Saturday mornings as well in Economics of Hazards and Disasters. So 1 NYU, 1 SUNY-ESC and now 4 at MCNY. Continue reading
Meeting between ARC/GNY Disaster Response and MCNY MPA EDM degree program on training/response by Purpose 2-3-4 Constructive Action students Continue reading
Once again the Mayor has appointed someone not in the field, with limited expertise. Examples being Nicholas Scoppetta, JD for the previous Fire Commissioner, Judge Joe Bruno for the current Office of Emergency Management Commissioner, and now Ms Black as School Superintendent following Chancellor Kline. Is his underlying message to... Continue reading
Subject of tonights lecture is Schizophrenia, then starting Adolescent Sexual Development in NYU Developmental Psych class, at AAI-NY the subject in Personality will be Lifestyle Analysis. Continue reading
One of 12 professors having members of a delegation of presidents and vice presidents of Chinese normal universities observing my Developmental Psychology class at NYU on Thursday Continue reading
Attending the Book launching of "All the News that Fits in Your Pocket" by Joshua Wilwohl at MCNY tonight. Continue reading
Team introduction for FEMA NRF/NIMS project meeting with SigmaTech in Arlington, VA Continue reading
Today problems of childhood and adolescence in Devlopmental Psychology at NYU folowed by Social Interest Practicum at Alfred Adler Institute, but first my flu shot Continue reading
Received an informal email from the Office of Personnel Management that SigmaTech, Inc and I won the proposal to develop the new NRF/NIMS G course last Friday. Now we wait for the official award letter and meeting dates. Continue reading
My topic on Saturday at MCNY Intro to Emergency Management classes will be Disasters and the Public Sector. I will introduce them to the software which they will use next two weeks on their midterm. Continue reading
Thursday night developed a proposal for a 3 credit college course for FEMA Higher Education Project on Crisis and Risk Communication with MCNY, NYU and a "consortium" of colleges due Friday. Continue reading
My topic on Saturday at MCNY Intro to Emergency Management classes will be Disaster and Intergovernmental Relations Continue reading
August 2007 Tornado in Brooklyn, from September 2007 when I start Red Cross until laid off June 2010 there are no Tornadoes in NYC, then July 2010 Tornado in Bronx and September 2010 Tornadoes in Queens and Brooklyn...maybe you should hire me again as no Tornadoes when I have a... Continue reading
MCNY MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management Fall 2010 Faculty Meeting today Continue reading
Developmental Psychology across the Lifespan lecture today at NYU on Pavlov/Watson/Skinner - Bandura - Vtgotsky - S Freud/A Freud - Adler - Jung - Erikson - Mahler - Bethelheim - Schachtel - Chomsky Continue reading
Developmental Psychology across the Lifespan lecture today at NYU on Locke - Rousseau - Gesell - Montessori - Werner - Piaget - Kohlberg and Gilligan, 114 seats, only 84 filled so still time to register. Continue reading
Alfred Adler Institute of New York Course # 500* & 515 Introduction to Adlerian Psychology & Personality Development Oct 12 to Feb. 1 All classes are from 6:30pm – 8:10pm 594 Broadway, Suite 1213 New York, New York, 10012 Phone: 212.254-1048 E-mail: Continue reading
Training Delivered In FY2007 before my arrival they delivered training to 3,292 volunteers and staff, that was down from the previous FY2006 of 9,638 (Katrina and Rita). During my term as Director of Disaster Training we taught FY2008 5,898 (staff of 8), FY09 5,748 (staff of 5), and FY10 5,494... Continue reading
This afternoon presenting the AS/BPA Critical Infrastructure Protection degrees proposal to the MCNY President with Dean Crookendale, Professors Gheith and Depoo Continue reading
Disaster Mental Health resources from CDC you Continue reading