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@Andrew Zen "When I (try to) code, the biggest difficulty I find is knowing the "right" way to code, that is, my finished product does the job, but I have no idea if it is the most elegant solution, or the most secure solution." believe it or not, the fact that you "can't tell" if what you've written is ideal is a good sign. it means you have taste to begin with. while you may not be able to tell yet, other people can't even tell that there IS an "elegant" solution. the question "is this ideal?" would never come to them all you need is practice/experience. get practice with a wide variety of languages... as many different paradigms as you can mess with
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2010 on The Non-Programming Programmer at Coding Horror
i think it boils down to 2 things: 1. college is wayyyy too easy. it is very watered down. it is too easy to cheat in programming classes 2. programming is at least as much of an art as it is technical. how do you teach someone to get a feel for programming? maybe it's possible to offer guidance, but the actual ability to program can only come from the student. i think if the person doesn't have a knack for it, the only other way is practice practice practice, and it's clear that students aren't getting practice because of #1
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2010 on The Non-Programming Programmer at Coding Horror
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Feb 22, 2010