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I believe the author belongs to mars or some outer space. As, clearly he is not aware of the IT industry. asking about Why Can't Programmers... Program?? The question has a tiny answer - because they are the product of IT industry. Software doesnt build ONLY by coding and programmers neednt do coding all the time they work. 199 out of 200 cannot answer the questions?? But dont you think that the rest of 199 are also working somewhere. And most probably they are working well.And i can bet many (MANY) of them can beat the hiring technical guy who rejects them by asking there own versions of remembered TINY puzzles to him just like the hiring guy asks him. All programmers will program when there will be quality work available to sharpen there skills. In 4 years of experience a guy actual programs 30-40 percent of his time. In that too 90 percent of work is dealt with for and if else. From where the competency will come? and from where the rocket scientists will born to satisfy hiring manager's hunger? As someone else has correctly put in his comment - you can always learn to pass interview tests of any kind - that doesn't mean you can program or not. What about a common example about it. Which company is famous for its puzzle problem questions and very feared about not to hire any wrong guy? The Microsoft. We have even books for its puzzles of interview(How to move mount Fuji). But please ask yourself which company has given us most bugs, security flaws and crashed systems?(if u dont remember recent IE flaw used by hackers). And who has written all those buggy code if not the ones hired by their strict hiring measures??
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on The Non-Programming Programmer at Coding Horror
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Feb 23, 2010