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Julie Tucker-Wolek
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Always my fave Beatle!! I have seen all his Carpool Karaoke's and I have to say, that one was my favorite! LOVED it!
Oh poor Bryn!! But that video ... omg!!! HA!!!!
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2018 on "We get it, you vape... " at (diva)logues
100% agree!!! I have mostly crappy days (ok, all days! HA!) due to ... well, doesn't matter, cause I won't share WHY -- you know, this being public and all that ;) ... as the ever wise Dory once said, 'just keep swimming!' ;)
Love love love!!!!!!!!
I was the BIGGEST Diet Coke junkie EVER!!! Like people would buy me a 12 pack for my birthday (if that's not telling, I don't know what is!! LOL!!) -- I SWORE I would NEVER give up that habit... I never felt dehydrated etc etc etc. And then one day, I couldn't get enough liquid in me as my throat felt SO DRY!! And yep -- that was it! Diet Coke gone, water came in! And the rest as they say, is history! :)
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2018 on Spring forward into hydration... at (diva)logues
Good for you!! My body has gotten used to my routine too and is becoming a little 'soft' again! LOL!! I need to mix it up!!
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2018 on Get down, 'hitt' the floor... at (diva)logues
Looks AMAZING! LOVING all the gold!
Toooooooo funny!! I love moments like that!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2018 on Happy Gal-entine's Day... at (diva)logues
Love love loveeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
Everything looks amazing! LOVING that blue and the gold!!!!!!
Ironically, I was jut bit**ing --- ummmm complaining to Brookie last night that her room is a hot mess, and she is worse than when Adam lived here, and he's a stinky boy!! LOL!!! ... she didn't like that analogy!!! HA!!!! And loving that Bryn thinks TV peeps are coming over and that's why she needs to clean!! HA!!!! LOVING the new room, it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2018 on Hold my beer and watch this... at (diva)logues
That book is SO AWESOME! I need to do one!!!!!!!!!!!
First -- love that meme! Too funny!! Second -- HUGE hugs!! You have been through a lot in '17 and I wish you nothing but the best for '18!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love love love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had no idea he was an artist (well painting artist that is... lol ... I obviously know about the acting art!) and wow is he amazing! LOVING that video! Everything he said hits just right!!!!!
That video is so true! Like you, I take a TON of photos on vacay's - day trips etc, but post MAYBE one of them!! LOL!! I don't have time for that -- I am having fun! LOL!! LOVING the family photo, gorgeous!!!!!!!!
Wow! How scary for both of them! I am so glad they are both ok! I can't even imagine how it felt for you to see that! I hope she has an amazing birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is one wonderful story!!!!!!!!
Toggle Commented May 31, 2017 on Who packs your parachute? at (diva)logues
Loveeeeeeeeee this! LOVING those colors!!!!!!!!
These are gorgeous! LOVING the flamingo!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the sentiments!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohhhhhhhhhh these are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toggle Commented May 4, 2017 on May Guest Designer - Amy Tsuruta at A Muse Studio