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Gabe Suarez
Pirates Have No Borders
Warrior Capitalist, Maker Of Evil Plans, And Part Time Bon Vivant
Interests: Black Guns, Shiny Gold, Good Wines, Expensive Watches, Fast Cars, and Dangerous Pursuits
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This video is five years old, but this past week I saw a 3 Gun Nation Pro-Series shooter mention that this particular video got him interested in shooting 3 Gun. I have heard similar comments about this particular video from other shooters. This stage makes most stages seem mundane in comparison. It made me consider the stage as an example of what competition can be when designed by people with the right mindset. The RO on camera, Sam Glen, designed the stage and provided the guns used. What was interesting about this stage, is traditional competition mindset couldn't work. There... Continue reading
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Its Sunday at 1800 HRS. I have a nice glass of Apothic Red as I left foot is in ice (that the one with the plantar fascia tear from last month) . My son is crashed on the couch...he needs a shower...bad. Even the dog didn't want to say hello when we got home Mine shower is done...hence the red and the post. We spent two days in Primitive Living, Knife-Only Survival, Tracking/Stalking, and Countering it all...and all while carrying the kit needed to put a serious hurt on anyone we wanted to (full LBEs, Rucksacks, etc.). Along the... Continue reading
By the way...Beretta owns Benelli. They own the factory and the gear and everything. And being a business, I don't think Beretta is in the game to lose money. I would bet that there has been some internal realigning of markets, with the "tactical" side going to Beretta as they make rifles and handguns as well. Benelli sells more "field" and "hunting" guns than tactical. I wonder if the realignment will bring more focus for Benelli in the hunting side and field said and less in the tactical side. Just thinking out loud here but I do not believe a large company like Beretta makes careless mistakes, nor does things without careful thought and consideration.
Oh no...the shotgun wars begin! BobM...people buy hundreds of new shotguns every year. If not, Remington, Mossberg, Beretta, FN, and Benelli and everyone else would make "one shotgun" and then go into Smart Phone App Sales. If you like your Benelli, keep it. But I suspect all those guys and gals that will be buying a shotgun in 2014 and 2015 might well skip that Benelli and go for the other Italian shotgun.
And the new Jeep Cherokee "looks" alot like the new Audi SQ5...but looks is where everything ends. The Jeep is alot cheaper though...if that is your goal.
Beretta was initially distributing these vis-a-vis Law Enforcement dealers and had a very poor response. I could have told them that but who listens to me. Apparently they have changed their focus more to where the money is...the civilian sales side of the market. Good for them and good for American Shotgunners.
Replying to some questions: 1). The 20 ga. is not a bad choice, but unless one is of very slight build, the 12 will offer more. This will dovetail into the ammo point coming up. There are more options and choices in brands, as well as dedicated anti-personnel loads in the 12 ga. One area where I would certainly consider the 20 over the 12 would in the Witness Protection type shotgun. More on that soon. 2). Ammo choices would take an entire new article and perhaps we will do that. Look for anything from the big guys that is designed for "tactical" or "defense". I am an advocate of buckshot all the time but for indoor use, at limited range, you might benefit from #4 Buck. 3). Semi-Auto Choices: of the list are the Benelli M2 and Beretta 1301. I have an article on the 1301 and think its best shot in the genre. Next would be the FN SLPs, the Remington 11-87 and 1100. Good guns but not in the same level as the Italians. The Mossberg 930 is also a good choice, but not on the previous levels either. I would not go anywhere other than what I have mentioned.
Since I have been writing quite deeply on the shotgun lately, I wanted to discuss one new entry into the market that I think potentially could overshadow everything else out there in terms or efficiency, value, and characteristics. That is the Beretta 1301 Tactical. Russell Phagan, our Competition Shooting SME and Affiliate has discussed the 1301 Competition at length. His comments on that weapon are what caused me to look at the 1301 Tactical. The Beretta 1301 Tactical is their new entry into the combat shotgun market. It has everything (almost) that a modern fighting shotgun should have. Standard items... Continue reading
I first wrote about the “Fighting Shotgun” back in 2005 as an answer to a student’s question on my forum. I always hesitate to make definitive answers because things do evolve and a valid solution to a problem in 2005 is changed with the development of a new technology or product, nearly a decade later in 2014. Think of a man writing about the best methods of transcontinental travel in 1896. His world view will not be valid today because things have changed. And thus it is with the shotgun. First I will limit the discussion to pump action and... Continue reading
SKIPPING BUCKSHOT…AND OTHER PROJECTILES I learned to do this back in 1986. It had been used in gunfights by the L.A. Sheriff's Deputies several times and a viable tactic. This was the age before lawyers wrote qualification courses and Internal Affairs guys were in charge of tactical training. Before the silly statement was spoken in fear, "every bullet has a lawyer attached to it", and the death before litigation culture became the norm. Today, I don’t know of any private or public sector schools teaching this actively. I know that we teach it and make it a common activity in... Continue reading
I often get questions about which RMR a buyer should add to their pistol. There is no easy answer. It depends on what the end user wants as each has advantages and liabilities. We can divide existing Trijicon RMRs into three groups. First is the Dual Illuminated units. These are comprised of the RM03 (13 MOA Amber Dot), RM04 (7 MOA Amber Dot), RM05 (9 MOA Amber Dot), RM05G (9 MOA Green Dot), RM08 (13 MOA Amber Triangle), and RM08G (13 MOA Green Triangle). They are all within a few dollars of each other, but the Dual Illuminated are the... Continue reading
There are two parts to this discussion. One is identifying a tail, the second is eluding them. A big part of this is daily preparation to make yourself difficult to track and to facilitate eluding any tracker. First consider equipping yourself in a way that you do not stand out in a crowd. There is a great scene in the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" where every "suspect" is dressed the same way, facilitating Pierce Brosnan's character to elude the police. Obviously you can't cause 1000 guys to dress just like you, but you can dress in a way that... Continue reading
One very important visual skill the red dot pistol shooter needs is to learn the "Visual Hand Off". This is a term we use to describe what happens with the eyes as a shooter new to the red dot system is learning to use it. Continue reading
MORE INFO STEYR AUG CASE DEFLECTOR Related articles Bullpup Wars - FN FS2000 vs AUG Working With The Steyr AUG - Part 1 NZDF To Replace Steyr AUG Continue reading
BR Kurtz: Q). A question about being sure the BG is in the room alone-FIRST can you really be sure and SECOND does that rally make a difference? A). No, you can't. a home defense thing, unless you have twenty kids, all "friendlies" will probably be secured. If not, then either don't use this tactic, or shoot high. If all the friendlies are secure, anyone else the bad guy has with him is another bad guy. Guys seem to want a guarantee that everything will be OK in a gunfight. It doesn't work that way. Wait til the liability-freaks get hold of this article ;) Q). Consider any non sterile shooting, of course you don't want of mean to hit a by stander but if the Bad Guy Shooter is firing at innocents (including YOU), don't you have a priority to stop him? If hes shooting through walls to get YOU, isn't he also a danger to those around him? A). Yes and yes. At the end of the day...YOU win, the bad guy does not. Q). Picture a Mall shooter that just so happens to have targeted you; but there are innocents behind him. Do you really choose NOT to shoot because you might miss and hit the innocents? What about YOU and the other innocents behind you? A). Slightly different situation, but I am still going to shoot. The guys that get all nervous about this are those with cheap guns, and very low skill levels because they never practice. You can find guys like that carrying Walther P-38s in Uncle Mike holsters at Walmart.
All new and disruptive technologies are resisted at first, and the red dot pistol is no different. But the innovators who lead at the bleeding edge of things are always looking for an advantage and it is from them that a new technology will either make it or be discarded as a bad idea. The mass market will not make those decisions, since they are always behind the lead, and will not adopt something new. In the last part of the discussion we highlighted many of the objections put forth against this new technology and answered all of them except for one, that being cost. Yes...this is costly and that will not change. When running the dot-equipped pistols, some shooters seem to be confused by the dot. A Dot is different than iron sights. Recall that we have the iron sights in place, in part, as visual training wheels to get the eye accustomed to seeing and picking up the dot. But once you are there, you do not need to use the same methodology of visual actions. Continue reading
Anywhere I have traveled on earth I have seen that Americans have, more than any other people on earth, a reputation as "gunfighters". The advancement of the anti-personnel use of the handgun is a particularly American invention and that fact is not lost on us, or those who wish to learn from us. The Outside The Waist Band Carry, concealed under a shirt or jacket has become symbolic of the American way of gunfighting. Although I personally favor Appendix carry, many of our clients and students choose to, or are required to carry elsewhere. This could be due to body... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2014 at SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL BLOG you want to fight like Dudley Do Right, or like Snidely Whiplash? You need to learn what the criminals know don't you? And if all your protectees (tactical-speak for family and loved ones) are secure, should YOU care? And at that point are there any bystanders? Best thing to do in a home invasion, BTW, is to kill them dead on the front lawn.
I have decided to eschew sleep. "Eschew", for those who frequent Obama Rallies means to forego. Oh, means to "give up" or do without. Why? Simple. I have decided to do an intense amount of writing. This is evidenced by two books in two months...a feat of wordsmithery even for me. Nonetheless I have been hard at work with the Blog and populating it with witty, informative, and for some, offensive writings. Some of the things I have in the "bubble-bubble-toil-and-trouble" cauldron are - How To Use The Red Dot Pistol - Part 2 The Pistol Gripped Shotgun The... Continue reading
My dear AR - I will answer you this. I apologize for nothing and do not need anyone's approval, nor forgiveness. And those who don't like me have plenty of other places to go and read. As you said, and demonstrated anonymously - "The internet is just full of stupid". As I said in my post - “Yes, I am a fecking pirate…now hand over the dubloons”.
Well White Falcon, what I will tell you is this - There is no First Amendment on my ship and I will not tolerate any anti-police rhetoric.
I was asked recently about my “notoriousness” when someone (anonymously of course) tried to make it an issue. I laughed, waved my hand around our surroundings and asked the speaker, “Does it look like we are worried about the opinions of others?” I do not shrink from, but embrace my brigand, outcast reputation. I was the guy that paid no heed to the hall monitor at school and shot spitballs at the teacher. I rooted for Snidely Whiplash and not Dudley Do-Right as a kid. When I came across the word “Pirate” I thought it was perfect. Americans love their... Continue reading
"Think of slugs like a screwdriver with reversible tips from flat edge to phillips." Excellent analogy!!!
I tend to not use that mode of carry as its not useful for me unless we are standing around in class teaching. It makes movement difficult (the kind of movement WE do which makes the movement taught in most shooting classes appear snail-like), is constantly in the way of your feet, and does not make assuming shooting positions easy. Again...that is just my opinion on the matter.
Larry T and SLF: On the Benelli. I think it is the best self-loading shotgun available today. Even shooters sponsored by "Big Name Shotgun Companies" use the Benelli in competition. They are built like Italian sports cars, and when I was there in 2000, I saw that the Italians have as much passion for their shotguns as their cars. On Benelli accessories, I confess to not be up on what is available for them. GG&G has always made good Benelli stuff so I would look there first. On 922(r) stuff...for Benellis...I don't think that applies to shotguns. Before I took a gunsmith's "bro-science" advice, I would check with an attorney.
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