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Gabe Suarez
Pirates Have No Borders
Warrior Capitalist, Maker Of Evil Plans, And Part Time Bon Vivant
Interests: Black Guns, Shiny Gold, Good Wines, Expensive Watches, Fast Cars, and Dangerous Pursuits
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FREEDOM FROM FREEDOM I wrote a while back that what many people...most in fact, specially here in the USA wanted, was freedom from responsibility and from duty. Freedom means that nobody will tell you or compell you to do anything, but at the same time, if you fail, nobody will come to help you. That is the last thing most Americans want...regardless of how often they use the word. In other words when they speak of "freedom" they were not referring to the same thing many of us would think. What they meant, and what they want is "freedom from... Continue reading
Frank asked: I'm curious to know what you mean by "organize laws ... to achieve distance from disorder" My Reply: Simple. Anyone from a nation that harbors, promotes, protects, or sympathizes with Islamic terror is deported. The whole "send me your poor and oppressed" thing was great in the 1880s, but not so much today. Have nothing at all to do with any of them and the problem will be far smaller. No, its not "fair", but that is not my or your problem.
SCfromNY wrote: We talk and talk about this on every website and forum but what does it mean? NOTHING! My Reply: I don't think it means nothing. There are all manner of things we discuss here that will not be discussed anywhere else. If you think it means nothing please don't let me waste your time. SCfromNY wrote: Those of us that are prepared will do OK however, we will be vastly outnumbered by the sheep standing around after the first major terrorist attack on our soil. My Reply: Sheep? Yes. I am not here for them. The sheep are on their own. SCfromNY wrote: Food and water unavailable, a run on gun stores too late, no ammo, completer disarray with no rules and no authority as the few can bunker down and wait it out because while many of us suspect it is coming the vast majority have no idea and no preparation. My Reply: Nope...not going to happen that end of world. What do they call it? TEOTWAKI or something? I was working the LA riots. It was crazy, but after a week...back to normal. I was at ground zero in '94 during the Northridge Quake. Same thing...craziness for a few days then everything back to normal somewhat. Even 9/11. So, regardless of what happens, you need enough ON YOU to prevail against the shooters. High intensity short duration. Then champagne. SCfromNY wrote: I wish we had an actual leader. My Reply: Its 2014. I am not a part of the "WE". I don't need a leader...I am fine by myself. Perhaps if more Americans made that leader thing irrelevant, they would not only have better lives but they would know what to do in just about every situation.
Anon wrote: So if you guys have all these great opinions, why don't you do something about it? All I'm saying- I serve with our Nation's military. My hands are tied to express my opinions as I please, so I refrain from doing so. But you- the civilian - were by design given the power to change our country, our government, and choose what is right. My Reply: Well...its nice to believe that. I don't so much. Democracy is an illusion. It is mob-rule in better clothes. Who wins elections today? Whoever gives the mob more stuff. No...that anything can change is a false path IMHO. Anon Wrote: Exercise your freedoms for the good of all men. I chose to preserve the freedom of our people by serving my country. You can best serve your country by preserving the legitimacy of the system set by our forefathers, however the people truly see fit. My Reply: Not to sound dissenting, but the "people" saw fit to elect Obama not once but twice. That is what they saw fit to do. Playing that game is a losing proposition so many of us have opted out. Reality sucks sometimes.
I wrote some time ago that people do not fight the same today. I recall my youth, and my quest for martial excellence. There was no internet, no youtube, and the few sources of information were on the newsstand. You had Black Belt magazine…and Muscle and Fitness. And unlike today, where in an urban area there will be as many 24 Hour Gyms as there are Starbucks Coffee houses, a real gym…or a real dojo was not so easy to find. Some years ago I was privileged to visit several museums. One was the Cody Museum in the USA and... Continue reading
Recently in the New York Times, author Roger Cohen wrote "The Great Unraveling". In the article (linked for you guys to enjoy), Cohen wrings his hands about the same goings on that have taken place among men since the days of Hamurabi. Nothing new here folks...same old problem. The only thing that has changed is that modern industrialized nations like to meddle and fix other people's problems. They like to meddle because its good for business. But that is for another discussion. Cohen writes, "The most powerful nation on earth was tired of far-flung wars......An ungrateful world could damn well... Continue reading
Don't get concerned about "shooting targets". Don't become overly fixated on the target...or on shooting the target. The target is simply a stand in for a living adversary. Its not about hitting the target...its about killing. Continue reading
Mike, I think extremists come from all walks of life...I don't tie everything that happens nor the motivations of everyone to spiritual matters nor do I attribute every evil that men do to some demonic influence. There are plenty of blogs that will take such convoluted bunny trails, but this ain't one of them.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2014 on SEPTEMBER 11TH 1683 at SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL BLOG
So kmicic and Paul Slusarz posted the exact same thing...either a case of telepathy, or they are the same guy under different names. My Replies: Everyone has an agenda Paul and it has to do with money. I am sure if the Turks did not favor partitioning Poland it had nothing to do with their deep abiding respect for the Poles but that there was some benefit for the Turks to them staying intact. History complicated? You bet and that is why in my study of it the guys who have had the best lives are the ones that stay out of the political or religious business of others...because eventually, your "allies" will stab you in the back. You don't think hate and dehumanization of the opponent is a part of the warrior ethos? Since when? Every warrior and soldier since the hoplites has looked down on his enemy. Despising those who wish to kill you and dehumanizing them as some sort of monster is just fine from a historical and tactical context. I wonder how the families of the two journalists feel about "those people"? In WW2 and before, nobody worried about hurting the enemy's feelings, or insulting them. All that aside, nothing in my article suggests dehumanizing anyone and if you think so, you need to read more slowly. It is a fact that before this modern era of enlightened democracy, Americans fought and finished is evidenced by the end of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Nobody was concerned about Tojo's adherents coming back to Pearl harbor in 1954...yet here we are today...some 13 years after September 11th, still fighting the same enemy because the goal was not to kill them, but to turn them into a democracy.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2014 on SEPTEMBER 11TH 1683 at SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL BLOG
The original article by William Lind can be read here. I suggest anyone interested in building a team, a business, or wealth, read and memorize it as it is one of the most importnat pieces one can know. It is written with the view of foreign policy but I suggest looking at it from the perspective of relationships. Specially business relationships. It means America’s grand strategy should seek to connect our country with as many centers and sources of order as possible while isolating us from as many centers and sources of disorder as possible. Where it says "America" feel... Continue reading
HANDS VS. GUNS - DVD Hands VS Guns was recorded live during a Suarez International Force On Force Instructor School. The material is simple, violent and fresh as taught in class. It relies on the element of surprise combined with extreme violence of action. In this DVD you will experience condensed live lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on-training with students at the class. the material is presented in an easy to learn manner with simple and repeatable opening moves, followed up by common body weapon attacks, use of knives, and/or drawing your own pistol and responding. All presented in an easy to... Continue reading
Mark, You are quite right it had been going on for a while. Thanks for mentioning Tours. The Saracens have been trying to destroy the West since inception actually. The Crusades were the Catholic Pope's only way to keep Christendom from being over run...a self defense move rather than anything to apologize for like the embarrassments in leadership positions today seem to do. A modern Pope should say "Look...see what we did back there...we will do it again".
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2014 on SEPTEMBER 11TH 1683 at SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL BLOG
I first saw this in an article by my friend Chris McLaughlin in the old, and then credible, SWAT Magazine. He wrote the story of its development for the US Marshal Serivice and its Witness Protection guys. As well its production by Wilson Arms, and later other firms. The short barreled shotgun is a highly contraversial weapon, loved by some and maligned by others. We have never taken any bit of collective knowledge for granted, nor taken the words of others as gospel. When we "see for ourselves" we often discover that the reason something was either widely accepted, or... Continue reading
Mark,What ABOUT the Battle of Tours? It took place in October yes? October is not today, which is the eleventh of September...the same day that Al Queda murdered thousands of Americans...and the same day that Sobieski kicked their asses in 1683. Hence the article on that battle on this particular day. Maybe I will write something about Tours next month.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2014 on SEPTEMBER 11TH 1683 at SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL BLOG
Very few Americans study any history at all. It is as if they think that the only history of any importance is their own short history. But that is a shame because much of what we are seeing today was born hundreds of years ago, and the motivations of the players back then very much motivate the players today...even if the politicians fail to see it. Islam has been attempting to overthrow the western world since the 7th century. Nothing has changed. They want the entire world under their thumb. Their world is the world which is submissive to Islam.... Continue reading
by Suarez International Ambassador John Chambers In the course of my military career, I was “blessed” with the opportunity to train with, and serve with, many of our international allies. Since I was part of a Long Range Surveillance Detachment, the units we trained and worked with tended to be very interesting, and very well equipped with a variety of weapons. Whether they were German Paras, British Ghurkas, or Japanese Intelligence troops, these soldiers were highly trained and I took every opportunity to become familiar with their weapons, and to learn from their experiences with those weapons.- Because of this,... Continue reading
Here you go -
This material is taught to security operatives and to law enforcement in the spirit of detecting "illegal" gun carry. I offer it here in the spirit of the fact that you should know who around you is also armed because their motivations may not be in favor of your interests. As well in the spirit of knowing what others may be looking for as well. If you know target indicators, you can avoid producing them. I am not even going to get into show-giving-away moves like wearing "gun clothing". Common Behaviors Security Check: Often those who are uncomfortable carrying weapons... Continue reading
Whether mounting a building assault, or making a business move, these principles will lead to victory. 1). Fire anyone who uses the word "can't" more than once in a conversation with you, or whose daily lexicon is filled with excuses. You've seen these "life drainers". They will take all operational momentum away from your organization and relegate you to a reactive and impotent force. Such people do not belong on your team. There is no can't! 2). Look for opportunity where others see will likely find it. Its easy to cry and wring hands. Its easy to commisearte with... Continue reading
When running a red dot on a rifle, like an M4, your head is automatically positioned to instantly pick up the red dot as the rifle is mounted. This is due to the additional points of body contact afforded by a rifle (stock and handguard). A pistol however, does not offer those additional points of contact. You will not use the red dot the same way as the rifle regardless of how tuned your draw is. However, with the traditional placement of the iron sights, sights that the eye has been trained to seek through countless draws in the past,... Continue reading
Fabrizio Quattrocchi (9 May 1968 – 14 April 2004) was an Italian security officer taken hostage by Islamist terrorists in Iraq. He was taken hostage together with Umberto Cupertino, Maurizio Agliana and Salvatore Stefio. They worked in Iraq as security contractors. Quattrocchi's kidnappers forced him to dig his own grave and kneel beside it wearing a hood as they prepared to film his death, knowing he was about to die, he refused to submit. He screamed "Vi faccio vedere come muore un Italiano!" - "I'll show you how an Italian dies!" He attacked them, but was then shot in the... Continue reading
Geoff Cobb said: "That's a lethal use of force in the eyes of the law so if you think you can justify it's use in a potential court of law, go for it." My Reply: Geoff, you seem overly concerned about the "court of law" deal. Have you ever been sued for wrongful death? Ever been investigated for civil rights violations? Ever been prosecuted? I can answer affirmative to all of them and I am not worried about using a knife to win a fight for my life...not in the least. If you are, this entire blog may not be good for you to read. a fight to the death with someone who wants your head, NOBODY destined to win will be focused on being "an honest, law-abiding citizens." BTW, Geoff "BMC" refers to Bram Frank's Bio-Mechanical Cutting. You are not as well-read as you think. I have a feeling Geoff will not be here very long.
By the way...self defense with a knife doesn't conceptually exist. Same with "defensive shooting". You may fight for defensive reasons, but you win the fight with aggression.
Geoff wrote: 1). "But knife tactics such as this won't look very good in a court of law...only stab him into the ground will look bad in the eyes of the law. But you guys who want to do all this....have fun in prison some day." 2). "Strategically targeting anatomical structures with defensive cuts, however, will stop the attacker. Much field data suggests this, as well. Talk to trauma surgeons, they'll tell you this also." 3). "Additionally, there have also been many cases where "stabbing them to the ground" does NOT end the fight quickly. It just doesn't. In many instances, it's equated to a long, bloody rodeo where both combatants fought throughout the house." 4). "Same thing with Krav's ridiculous "open up their throats" method of disarming and targeting the throat. For those who don't believe me, go up on YouTube and search for carotid hockey cut. There are many cases of hockey players getting their carotid's cut and what happened? No, they didn't burst into flames like the "stab 'em" crowd would have you believe. In most cases, they survived." OK Geoff, my replies, itemized and numbered for clarity. 1). So you have a can be dead, or you can go to prison for a little while. me, I will take prison over the grave. But you are assuming that IF you fight like this, prison is inevitable and you are totally wrong. I investigated lots of stabbings back in the day...some by good guys and I don't recall any going to prison. Knife=Prison is a myth. 2). Strategically targeting anatomical structures is another myth created by a company teaching Bio-Mechanical cutting in an attempt to reach Law Enforcement adoption. The only true combat value of BMC is to open up the neck/torso for a subsequent stab. The idea that cutting someone's hand will stop them comes from theoretically based knifework by guys trying to sell knives intended for that purpose. It will not work for the same reason that a pelvic shot with a handgun will not finish the fight(perhaps another article). 3). Nothing is guaranteed to work all the time 100% without fail. Guys that suggest something will have not been sufficiently exposed to violence or human resiliency. Even a head shot is not 100% all the time...but a head shot has greater potential for killing the bad guy than a shot to the foot. Similarly, a stab to the neck/throat has a greater chance of stopping them in their tracks than a snap cut to the back of their hand. 4). I am not a fan of Krav, but you lost me when you say their "open throat" concept is ridiculous and then use it to denigrate the idea of stabbing. I don't get your logic. BTW, you can disagree with me all you wish, but all that means is one of us is wrong since reality doesn't respect freedom of opinion. And I know for a fact, that I am not wrong. Good luck.
Russ, "Its got to be best self defense site on the web." Humble thanks. Please spread the word, and we will keep doing our part.