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Gabe Suarez
Pirates Have No Borders
Warrior Capitalist, Maker Of Evil Plans, And Part Time Bon Vivant
Interests: Black Guns, Shiny Gold, Good Wines, Expensive Watches, Fast Cars, and Dangerous Pursuits
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It was the perfect target if you think about it...if you have studied the enemy's playbook. A crowded event, in an unsecured location, attended by non-combatants, in an unarmed egalitarian western nation. The stuff jihadist dreams are made of. So 23-year-old Salman Abedi, son of Lybian refugees, set off a nail bomb at the conclusion of the concert as attendees were exiting the hall. Thusfar, there are 22 dead and some 60 severely injured. Having some knowledge on the nature of blast injuries, the death toll will likely increase, and the injured will likely never be the same. The response is almost comical. First there is collective horror and revulsion, then a call for tolerance from world leaders and media figures. A reassurance that this was an isolated event, and that it has nothing to do with religion. There will be flowers and candles and Union Jack icons on social media, and all of that. And somewhere in Afghanistan or some other place far away from the site of the mass murders, a drone will blow up a hut in... Continue reading
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"She'd been involved in a fight at a housing project with another woman that was deemed "mutual combat." That first sentence tells me that this was not the sort of event readers here would be involved with and fairly characterizes the event you are discussing for me. Although imminent is a grey area, I think without turning a simple flowchart into a lengthy book, "imminent" is implied, as are various other factors so simple they need not be mentioned.
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America loves rifles. Hell, we have been at war now for - what - sixteen years?! Fourteen years ago, when many of the Youtube heroes were still waiting for their balls to drop, you couldn't have rifles. Then in 2004, President Bush allowed the 1994 Assault Rifle Ban to sunset. Suddenly, the floodgates opened and all those evil weapons we could not previously own were almost growing on trees. And since the rifle industry has always been better at marketing than the Fuddish shotgun industry, the shotgun began to be ignored, and the rifle - notably the M4 series - was favored. But all weapons are tools, and tools have specific jobs they are designed for. You may love that new chrome plated craftsman hammer you got last Father's Day, but if you need to turn a screw, rather than drive a nail, it will not be the right tool regardless of your affection for it. So...context. So...reality. Recently we had a discussion on warriortalk about the use of shotguns for "riot survival". Good and timely topic in light of... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
From our ground breaking "Killing Within The Law" series, we bring you the Flowchart of Deadly Force (aka The Flowchart of killing). Intended to simplify the ambiguities of street combat. Hesitation kills as is evident in any study of real world events. This will help avoid both hesitation as well as over reaction. Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
GEAR AND SKILL Posted today at warriortalk by "apamburn". Speaks exactly why having the best gear is important. "But most of all I think that adding and using the RMR on my handgun has emphasized something that Gabe and WT generally has espoused for a long time, but I didn't fully comprehend: basic equipment + new shooter : shooter may not notice limitations of basic equipment because the capabilities of equipment still exceed capabilities of shooter. basic equipment + good shooter : shooter will experience limitations because their capabilities are >= capabilities of equipment, and without change in equipment, development of skills will plateau, regress, or be retarded. great equipment + new shooter : shooter's capabilities limit what they can do but their abilities will far exceed what they could do with basic equipment, and learning curve cut (case in point: my non-shooter mom with suarez RMR and brace hitting barrel at 100 yds) great equipment + good shooter: shooter will get 'over the hump' and avoid skill plateau, identifying weaknesses and correct them; shooting capabilities enhanced (case in point:... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
On my forum a question was recently asked: What role does the shotgun have during civil unrest? My main battle weapon for years was a shotgun. And I admit, I had my love affairs with the AK and the M4. And at home, the weapon by my bed is a Glock PDW with a 30 round stick and a can. The reason for the last is that I still have kids living with us and I want discretion, silence, and surgical accuracy. But I am rethinking the best weapon for a riot type event. It very well may be the shotgun. Here are some points to consider - 1). Riot events involve either getting the fuck out, or hunkering down. If the former is your option, then range is not an issue is it? Only if defending a stronghold will that be an issue. What are the odds of one versus the other? If defending a stronghold, then the rifle has a great deal of advantage until things get inside. Then the battle goes to the shotgun. So if we... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Question: Hey Gabe...isn't a terrorist or active shooter statistically unlikely? I mean...aren't we more in danger from common unskilled thugs than ISIS trained Syrian Jihadists? Answer: Well...I will bet that the attendees at the X-mas party in San Bernardino, and the folks at the Pulse would have agreed with you 100%. But you either train for the terrorist or hope for the best. It is 2017 after all and the enemy of 1995 is no longer the it? Nothing out of the ordinary will ever happen...until it does. Then you will either be the hero...or you will be the bitch. All depending on how right your mind is and what you took with you that day. Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Then Jim, YOU should not do anything. YOU should run and hide and hope that there is someone like me there to keep you and your family from being blown up by the terrorist. If all you can think of, in an event like what this article is about (and I hope you read it before commenting - like so many people seem to do today) if all you can think of is "being hauled into court", then you have already lost the fight.
If you think that you will get in trouble from head shooting what was clearly an active shooter terrorist when he is the head, then don't do it. But understand that your fear is unsubstantiated in this particular case.
Run away huh? OK...tell them
In the beginning, American shooters trained the concept of legitimate self-defense. Use of force training and de-escalation methods were discussed and trained. Using the vaunted "Big Boy Voice" to challenge the bad guy from ready positions was promoted far and wide. And gun writers admonished the novice gunman about the concerns over legal liability, regaling them with horror stories intended not so much to frighten them into inaction, although they often did just that, but rather to create the need for the book to be bought or the liability awareness class to be attended. And for the most part, unless someone did something stupid (Zimmerman comes to mind), the muggers in the parking lots of America, and the gang members invading homes from coast to coast were dealt with efficiently. But those halcyon days of the J-frame in the side pocket and the "Courtroom Tactics" column in the gun magazine are gone. It is now 2017 and the reality is that within a month of this article being published there will inevitably be another active shooter event in the USA.... Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
RECONSIDERING THE DUAL ILLUMINATED RMR I have been working with these since January and carrying one daily on my Glock 17 to get a first hand idea of the advantages and liabilities of the units. Specifically I am referring to the Trijicon Dual Illuminated RMRs: The RM03, 04, 05, and 08. These have 13 MOA, 7 MOA, 9 MOA and 12.9 Triangle respectively. I am referring as well to the Amber Dot units and not to the Green Dot units. The green do units require a pinkish hue to the glass and we will discuss those later. The Dual Illuminated units have a plastic strip along the top of the RMR that acts as a fiber optic collecting available light to power the dot. It is also powered by a tritium element that ostensibly will last ten years or more. These do not require any batteries and that is both where the advantage and liability lies. It is an advantage because all one need do is install it on their slide and run it unconcerned about batteries for years. In... Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
If you are worried about liability, then don't a goodd witness and I am sure Mas will write good things about you. But do get out of the way of the rest of us who will be shooting and smiling while we do. I would like an example of someone who missed a shot on a terrorist or criminal in the act of killing someone 9not the shooter), missed and hit an unintended target...and then was sued or imprisoned for doing so. That is a myth that the fear-mongers like to use to scare people into buying their services. Hell...cops miss what...80% of the time. Show me the cases.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2017 on THE FACE IS THE NEW TARGET at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
The man in the image above has just killed ten people in an active shooting event. This is your first glimpse of him. Do you yell at him in a "Liability-Averse Manner" so he turns around? Or do you do like I would and shoot him the back of the head - right there without so much as how-do-you-do? Stand by - new controversy being birthed as I type. In the movie El Diablo, Thomas Van Leek, played by Louis Gossett, Jr., is a no-nonsense gunslinger who shot a number of antagonists in the back. When asked about it, he replies simply, "Because his back was to me." That is supposed to be a comedy line of course as we know no western hero worth his salt would ever deny his opponent the opportunity to draw first, much less shoot him in the, well...a coward. You see, much like the Hall Monitor Mentality, the Lone Ranger Mentality has been deeply imbued in the American male psyche. The Lone Ranger never drew first, never threw the first punch, and my... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Look at the image above. If you shoot that with a handgun or rifle, it will very likely detonate. My students still "in the business", during training, have shot terrorist vests found here in the USA, and every single one detonated on impact. Moreover, the proliferation of hard armor, that is resistant to rifle fire, also mitigates the effect of what would otherwise be "great hits". In our new age of war, with new developments and observations of the SOP of our enemies the terrorists, new paradigms must be established, and new skills to meet the new requirements must be developed and practiced. Times have changed and our methods must adapt or be crushed by the wheels of history. The New Paradigm Today we must assume any adversary is wearing body armor...and in some cases a bomb vest. We first saw this back in the 1990s with the two bank robbers in North Hollywood. And we all recall James Holmes, the movie-theater shooter in Aurora, Colorado. He wore, according to sources, “a ballistic helmet, a tactical ballistic vest, ballistic leggings,... Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Now some perspectives - Yes, these people are ridiculous...right now...and this particular group. Standing and watching from our "gentleman killer/warrior scholar" perspective, we sneer at their poor marksmanship and silly antics. But let us not forget...the sin of underestimating your enemies is a profound one for which the penalty is usually death. Let's recall the "poorly trained" and marginally skilled rear echelon pogue that in essence, kicked the ass of one of the largest police departments in the nation for a few hours last year. Not to mention the San Bernardino and Orlando jihadists who I suspect would be in the lower 25% of skill of most in the gun community. They seem to have done quite well with some very basic skills and whole nutsack-full of conviction and initiative. As well...not all skilled shooters, former soldiers/cops, etc. are dyed in the wool conservatives. We will recall one gent from Atlanta that was an aspiring instructor whom we canned after his ties to the BLM were discovered. Their side has skilled personnel, just like ours. So I urge caution and... Continue reading
Posted May 1, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
Posted May 1, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG
So where will you draw the line America? Where will you Christians? Where do you, dear reader? You are attending a Christian Conference at a church with a potentially volatile speaker. It is 2017 and only an imbecile with the memory of an ant does not know about the terrorist threat to The West and to Christians in particular. And you see this guy, walking up to the conference, with a rifle in his hands. What do you say? What are you justified to do? Let's hear it. Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2017 at GABE SUAREZ BLOG