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Thank God you said something Str8. I almost fell out of my chair when I read Haynos/Graham comparison. All I'm saying is that all these "safe" picks are just that. Safe, decent guys. All complementary. But, complementary to whom? Before we added Dansby, the only defenders you could even say were "playmakers" were Davis and Starks. And now, because they didn't draft a true NT, they want to move a Pro Bowl Alternate DE to NT where he has never shown he can consistently make plays. I see the Jets, Pats adding playmakers on both sides of the ball, and we add "safe" picks. Yeah, every team has a bust here and there, but when you hit on a playmaker (like the kind I think V. Davis will become), it DRASTICALLY improves your team. I don't feel we DRASTICALLY improved our team, whereas we might have had we taken a chance on a PLAYMAKER.
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This may be remembered as the offseason that could have been: Dansby - Awesome Marshall - Awesome but... Odrick - could have been - Jerry Hughes Misi - could have been - Mt.Cody Jerry - could have been - Major Wright or Jerry - could have been - Jimmy Graham Edds - could have been - Ricky Sapp Carroll - could have been - Cam Thomas Reshad Jones (only pick I actually like) but...based on recent possibilities... Reshad Jones - could have been - Carlton Mitchell McCoy - could have been - Dorin Dickerson So far, had things gone differently and the FO taken chances on PLAYMAKERS, we COULD HAVE added: 1-2 PURE NT 2 Pass Rushing OLB 1-2 Pass Catching TE 1-2 Safeties 1 WR (if other needs had been drafted) Instead, the "Bill Parcells, high character, leader, safe, high-motor" draft leaves me wondering what could have been. I think, to quote the greatest rant in NFL history, the players taken in this year's draft by the Dolphins are "WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!!!"
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Actually, I'll do you one better... Drafted: Odrick Misi Jerry Edds Carroll With the trade ups and downs (picking in the same picks), could have drafted: Hughes Cody Jimmy Graham Sapp Robert Johnson (Utah Safety) That would have addressed ALL our needs. They were there. For the taking. Was it character? Did they think that these PLAYMAKERS were risky? How risky do their current picks look?
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Picking "high character" players vs. playmakers Drafted: Odrick Misi Jerry Edds Carroll With the trade ups and downs (picking in the same picks), could have drafted: Hughes Cody Major Wright Sapp Cam Thomas Parcells and his "high character" guys better become an army of Zach Thomas's, and these college big time players BETTER all be busts. Not passing judgment on Parcells and Co., as they have done wonders since taking over this team, but this draft could be their crossroads.
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Apr 24, 2010