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First, make sure your child knows this happens to everyone at some point in their youth. Tell them if and how it happened to you. Do not disregard it as "kids will be kids" stuff. It's different now. Next, go to teachers, as many as your child has, and voice your concerns. Go to the administrators and do the same. If your child is in elementary school pop by for lunch(the school should allow this)since that's probably the time the bullying occurs (less supervision in the lunchroom and on playgrounds). Middle school gets trickier, you may be able to observe without being obvious. If your child rides a bus be at the bus stop when he/she gets off. The bus is another place where the supervision is lacking because the one adult on it is usually the driver. Enlist the assistance of your child's friends to help document incidents if an adult of authority will not. Not all adults will help. Take your complaint as high as you have to to get results.
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Apr 28, 2010